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6/4/2010 c2 leomorri
i have psychotic depression mixed with a borderline personallity disorder and its not easy. reading this mad me relise that im not the only one coping with a psychotic depression and brought me back down to earth . thanks keep it up
12/23/2004 c2 Rach
HI!, my dad was depressed for a number of years after he got bullied at work I think he's still taking pills for it and I think they got some weird side effects as it makes dad jump in his sleep so he has to sleep downstairs.

anyway I'm glad to see that 'Mr x' manged to get his life back on track after what's he been though.

please update soon

see ya
12/23/2004 c2 acccountkiller
I have to admit I had to re-read the first chapter, seeing as it's been so long since you posted it. It blew my mind again, lol. I think it's really amazing that you posted this. I didn't know that hyperactivity or unexplained sugar-rushes could be symptoms of depression...but it has just explained a lot to me, lol. Poor X...but to be honest, I'd never heard of Psychotic Depression...I thought it to be schyzophrenia a.k.a pure folly to me. Another thing, you say depressed people should seek help...as a teenager, I know my parents would never believe me, or seek help for me. They would say it was only hormones, I was exagerating, and had no bloody reason in the world to be depressed. So, even when someone wants to find help, it's not necessarily easy, even if they are willing to talk about it. I hope counselling helped you! Awesome essay...I think I'm going to do some publicity for it *grins*. Love, Mia
12/20/2004 c1 WritingWeirdo
I loved this essay...it was very informative. thanks to this essay, I now realize that I am more depressed than I thought...you got the website a little wrong though. I tried to go on it and it didnt exist so I looked up 'About teen depression" and it is:

12/30/2003 c1 2Lady Sunlight
I have all these symptoms, guess i'm more depressed then I thought.
12/2/2003 c1 12IHJ
Encouraging, informative and well put in layman's terms. *smile* Actually, I'm on home leave from the psychiatric ward (tried to commit suicide by pills), so seeing an Author Alert email about this sparked my interest.
It would be interesting to read an essay from the point of view of someone who has a loved one suffering from depression and is a suicidal person, but you pointed out you were the one undergoing counselling, so...yeah. (I'm actually wasting space here.)
Well written and clear-cut.
Izzy J.
12/1/2003 c1 52AboveTheSalt
Very informative and encouraging. I know a few people who exhibit many of these symptoms and it's nice to know help is out there. Thanks for publishing this, I know it will help many people, myself included. Good job.
12/1/2003 c1 17chocoholic
That's going on my favourites. Just excellent, I love the way you don't act like you can judge who is depressed and who isn't, and emphasised that it's an *illness* rather than a personality defect. (I read somewhere 70% of people in the US or UK -can't remember which- think depression is caused by 'weak minded-ness'!) Glad to hear your getting counselling and I hope writing this essay helped too. I think what you say about needed empathy is so true and needs to be applied to all mental illnesses.
12/1/2003 c1 James Jago
Having watched a close family member go through all of this, I identify with you in a big way.
Don't put too much faith in antidepressants; Prozac in particular has some very bad side effects, and the person I refer to gave up on them because they made her feel worse.
11/29/2003 c1 9fugiguru
nice job, and very informative.. everybody experiences depression, and this explained things well. i think most people have been a victim of it. personally, i'm closer to the bipolar side, where my highs are high and my lows are low, but nothing so severe as that. once again, nice job, and keep writing.
11/29/2003 c1 acccountkiller
Hey! This is truly great, I'\ve never ever thought about depression in this way...never tried to figure out what it was, this is awesome. I'm depressed sometimes...and I see myself having more than just a few of those symptoms...and now I think I'll spend more time thinking about it..this is great...people should know this...Love, Mia

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