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for To Father

1/21/2004 c1 220Namir Swiftpaw
Man, I can relate to this way too much.
Thank you for adding me to your favorite author's list. I appreciate it!
I have a poem called "Hello Father", which is similar to this...it's weird to see other people write about the same thing.
Keep writing.
~Namir Swiftpaw
11/29/2003 c1 52Will Klemm
first off, thanks a million for all the reviews. As always, it means alot to me when people go out and review my poetry. Even more when they can relate to my writings.
Though i dont have as much anger as you have towards my own father, i do sympathize with this poem. It's short and to the point. Great job, keep it up.
11/28/2003 c1 42Snake-Eyez-The-Great
My Lord, you will never find anyone who knows more whole heartedly how you feel than me. I say almost these exact words to myself everytime I see my Dad... thank you!
11/28/2003 c1 1antisocialsuicide
that is exactly how i feel about my dad. i hate him.

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