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for The Clifton Park Horror

3/23/2005 c1 odetoparamore
Great story so far! Please update and finish?
12/16/2003 c5 flechette
Hey your story is coming along nicley, hope you keep going with it, i finally posted my story... well the first four chapters but ive got like 10 more on the way so check that out... and keep writing more of this stuff and other stories too...
11/29/2003 c4 flechette
this ones actually for chapter two and probably for the rest of the story to dude yousay I MEAN way to much... and a car hitting a tree would not explode... you need to look into the things that happen in your stories more because there is alot of things that are kinda iffy... and your dialog is terrible... i know you can do better
11/29/2003 c3 flechette
another good chapter except im starting to be skeptic about the way you present the vampires vampires never do a slopy job of killing and leave all kindsa skratches... dogs are extremley sloppy killers and always go in threw the rectum because it is the eastiest way into the abdominals... anyway keep writing... and check out my story STEALTH it has alot to do with vampires but only in the first few chapters and ive only got one chapter posted but ive already got like nine done so watch out for that too
11/29/2003 c2 flechette
this is also a good chapter ive never heard of a vampire turning invisible before but oh well... its better than that garlic and cross crap
11/29/2003 c1 flechette
Hey great intro its the only thing ive read so far but i will read the rest... Incase you didnt read the second part of my story Dreamonic um... theres a second part to my story dreamonic... anyway great story id love to read more of your material... im asuming most of the characters and places you will incounter are taken from real life?

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