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for Monopoly Game of Death

2/21/2004 c3 fantwriter
Cool..the cousin torturing inmates thing was a bit like 'out of nowhere' kinda thing. Or that could because it's been a long time. xD
Oh well, interesting so far, continue
2/21/2004 c3 9Sir Exal
Not very "Humor"ous, and the titles rip off A.A. Milne, but otherwise a very well-written story.
2/9/2004 c2 5Procyon Lotor
O! This is COOL! Why is it not finished? It hasnt been updated since January. Is it going to be updated? I think it should be! It looks like its going places. I'm talking really fast. Gah. Gahgahgah.
1/25/2004 c2 neermore
Very funny! I always thought that Rich Uncle Pennybags was evil. Now I know it's true.
1/23/2004 c1 9Gurt Rude Malanos
Please Update ur story soon!It is so good and has a really interesting story line! Thanks 4 the review! Could u please try 2 read the next chapters in my story. I need to know if people think they are good, and people just seem to read the 1st ch. Thanks lots!
1/3/2004 c2 Gurt Rude Malanos
Old Malanos Sisters here! Great story! Keep this going! It is very interesting! we cant wait to read more! Please read our story and tell us if u think its funny 2!
1/3/2004 c2 37Fantwriter
o...exciting! Do continue ^^
(That's a sad review) I liked the way you do the characters and how they play into their new...uhh...bodies? That didn't really make sense, but oh well
1/2/2004 c2 19Cardinal Chuck
O it begins...more...now!
1/2/2004 c1 Cardinal Chuck
It reminded me a lot of the movie Jumangi...which is good because that movie is good.
The first paragraph was a bit confusing. I didn't know who was taller than who or who smelt worse than the other...
All in all this is a good start and I'm off to chapter two.
11/29/2003 c1 37Fantwriter
"I felt myself spun around and around..." I think 'spun' is supposed to be spin. That, i think, is the only thing that really popped out at me.
Ya know, I think this story has potential to be in one of those horror story kind of things, as a novel that is. ^^ If you find the time to finish it ^^
HHmm...Hope you write the next chappie soon!
11/29/2003 c1 32Stormy Daye
Interesting idea, keep going.
11/29/2003 c1 qwerty
Wow...good beginning. I really liked it. Keep going with it, its a good story.
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