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for Learning To breathe

12/30/2003 c4 5VampiricEternity
This is good! Much better than mine you have no reason to be jealous. Great transition from the rpg to an actual story.
12/6/2003 c4 6Onion Ring
Good chapter but a little bit on the short side... well keep writing
12/3/2003 c3 8stained innocence13
woho! *applauds* What do you mean I write better then you? Did you just read what you wrote? It was great! I'm here all the way to support this story!
12/1/2003 c3 6Onion Ring
Good chapter. Not much to say really as my brain is fried.. try having 4 hours of fencing ... lol.. keep writing
11/30/2003 c2 Onion Ring
Hmm good storey so far... only a few grammar mistakes.. that's really it. Well keep on writing i really don't have any advice since there is no error that really stands out. Read my fictions when you get the chance. Can't wait for the next chap, continue

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