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6/6/2005 c3 4DeliciousAmbiguity
Oh wow, this is awesome! Continue soon!
8/23/2004 c3 steph
heyy! Urm, update already? You're just leaving us here, sweating in suspense, not knowing what's going to hit us next. How kind of you. THANKS. hmpf. Pleasepleaseplease update soon. Oh ya, doesn't this mean that Aloetta's grandmother was married to Emberaun? Or then again, maybe they weren't married =| whatever it may be, enlighten us all the same! By posting a next chapter -yesyes. And I get this horrible feeling that her mum [Aloetta's that is] is going to die soon. Her grandmother too. DANG. I shall wait and see and not be sad prematurely. Oh, did I mention this already? UPDATE! =)
4/29/2004 c3 who cares4
nice storie update soon.
3/21/2004 c3 Beaver
hey, long time no write, eh? hehehe, but i guess you can't post anything since your computer's all screwy, right? anyway, i hope you update soon. hehehe, and it might be a LONG time before you get this. i hope you're doing ok with 100th reconfiguration of your story and that your new transitional chapters work out fine. ok, gotta jet. see ya!
2/22/2004 c3 Beaver
hey! good chapter! very informative and well written. i don't remember anything specifically, but i THINK there were some spelling mistakes. anyway, great chapter. update soon!
2/15/2004 c3 XxmArgZiExX
i am soo fucking sleepy... it's 2:15 am. i can barely keep myself from falling flat on my face sleeping on the keyboard. nice chapter by the way. oh and good job on the prophecy that was good. i don't think i'd be able to make up a phrophecy make it have sense. not possible for me... anyway... update soon! later!
2/14/2004 c3 T.J. Aznel
*applauds* very good chapter, indeed! although it was short. you've got really cool magical thingies. it explains a lot of things, but i'm still kind of confused. how can Aloetta become a queen? was Emberaun a king? if he was, it didn't say so in the previous chapters. you said that Emberaun led the people to a new land and kept them together, made then prosper. but did Emberaun proclaim himself a king or did the people make him one? the reason i ask this is because usually (in fact, all of the time), royalty is all about the blood. and you never said that he was a royal. then the thing about Aloetta being the descendant of Emberaun and her being a queen or something. ok, my main question is how can Aloetta be royalty if her bloodline isn't? or IS Emberaun royalty, and you just haven't explained that yet? i'm somewhat dreadfully confused. so PLEASE update soon!
/T.J. Aznel/
2/8/2004 c1 Bayver
w00t! w00t! my ninth review!...aren't you proud of me?...hmm, at least i think it's my ninth review. heehe, anyway...can't wait for your next chappie. i know you already have it half-finished. =P
2/7/2004 c2 Beaver
hmm...about time for an update, don't ya think?
1/22/2004 c2 Scrump Spaztic Beaver
hello D! i'm bored, so i decided to leave you another one of my marvelous reviews...oh, and you can erase them if you want...unlike MY board where you signed in and i can't erase them. anyway, prance, i want you to update. i'm eagerly awaiting your next chappie!
p.s. no, i'm not reverting back to my old name. it's just been forever since i used it. ^_^ oh, and what's my review-count up to now? 5 or 6? =P
1/19/2004 c2 J.T. Baever
yes! great chapter indeed, as Blue Dragon-sy and Margaret have said. hah! Beaver's got the green eyes now. *wink* oh, and your 'fledgling/nestling' thing was just wonderful! har har har. oh, and i'm not banned from giving you reviews, am i? 'cause that would hurt my feelings if you didn't allow me to review. =P anyway...keep the chapterz a-comin'!
your number one cheerleader ^_^,
1/18/2004 c2 6Blue Dragon-sy
Whoa, this chapter is better - you're certainly improving! ^_^ It's okay if you don't take the idea that I've suggested, I'm bad at titles anyway ^^; And besides, this is YOUR story, not mine. ^_^

Anyway, keep up the good work! ^_^

"Omai wa baka!" (You're an idiot!)
"Ie! Oreh wa baka jannai! Oreh wa TENSAI!" (No! I'm not an idiot! I'm a GENIUS!)
~Part of my battle in Japanese with my sister ^^;
1/17/2004 c2 XxmArgZiExX
whoo, that chapter was pretty exciting! keep writing! oh and update as soon as possible! sorry this review is so short, later!
1/17/2004 c1 XxmArgZiExX
this sounds kinda cliche no offense. cuz i've seen so many movies that start out with a town or something burning. but i don't think it's bad. it's really pretty good! i think the reason you're not getting too many reviews is that this is a 12 year old girl and you're planning to put her in a romance fiction. you should age her up a bit. but you don't have to take my advice. gonna read the next chapter now. later!
1/17/2004 c2 T.J. Aznel
hello 'gain! this was a really great chapter. it's good to see that you HAVEN'T given up on this story. ^^; and the plot thickens! hehehe...marvelously written. update soon!
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