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for My Glorified Tumor, What More Can I Say?

2/8/2006 c1 73Jezsh
a lovely piece, definitely elegant and with a great sense of determination. I like its polished edge, not in terms of words but in terms of how professionally it reads. Creates a wonderful picture. Lovely work.
1/2/2005 c1 75clockwork kiss
This was amazingly beautiful. It was so unlike most of the modern poetry I've read around here. It flaunts this absolute and unabashed elegance that just takes my breath away. I love how you set the scenes in the beginning without creating patchy spaces between physical imagery and the story you are telling, I love how you make everything seem fragile, foreign and misty, and I love the ending. I get a feeling of nostalgia, for it seems timeless and classic, especially with the train incorporation. It would not have been as powerful if you had used a car or plane. Well... I usually try to offer critiques, but I am stunned to say that I have not one. -Amazing- job!
10/31/2004 c1 pieces
The story this piece tells isn't as captivating as the way it is conveyed from inside and around the narrator's mind. Imagery is everything here, and I love it because you do it all so well ...
Lost my train of thought because my brother walked in.
This is beautiful, stunning, with an underlying message and affirmation of something that I'm not going to understand any time soon. Never stop writing - you intrigue me.
9/26/2004 c1 do not resuscitate
beautiful. more than beautiful... radiant. absolutely stunning. you are fucking amazing.
8/1/2004 c1 1figmentation
beautiful, perfect, flowing, there are not enough superlatives in this world to describe your work.
I only hope to attain the level of perfection you post.
6/28/2004 c1 83Nails For Your Crucifix
Very nice. It flows absolutely perfectly and you had me hooked by the first 3 lines. Great job.
6/20/2004 c1 123breakdown in the waiting room
You're gifted. That's all I can say. Everything just flows so naturally, doesn't trip over itself, the words just fit together so perfectly it leaves me amazed.
3/28/2004 c1 70Tothineownself
As usual, this totally rocked. I love the format, was it intentional to be like that? Because it was amazing..
I love your words, they were placed perfectly and they flowed beautifully.
Great job.
~ Becs
3/26/2004 c1 68axica
i enjoyed every line of this poem, which is very rare for me
your rhythm was strange and jagged, which fit with the theme of your poem
the descriptives were very detailed and original and even still you managed to flow
the emotions shone through as did the imagery
you are a very advanced writer
great work
3/22/2004 c1 37wingless
your writing seems so european... reminds me of what i've seen of europe anyways. but other times it is new york. i love it anyways. im curious who can write like this
1/26/2004 c1 dolce
it's beautiful.
every word
makes me feel.
12/14/2003 c1 Emma
Magic. Pure Magic.
12/8/2003 c1 69the cereal killer
To start off, I loved the atmosphere you created. Feels damp and dark and.. full of anticipation. With lights flashing all over. And two people in the middle of everything. Soaking up the magic. Somewhat.
I absolutely adored the way you used color to bring across emotions.
And your descriptions. Wow.
"You become
a tumor around my
shoulders, and my pole
thin shape of smooth lines
becomes gargantuan and awkward;
a lurid silhouette with two
That was AMAZING.
And the 'speed' of which the train comes and goes. I also liked the possibilities of what might have happened.. gives insight into what 'she' is thinking.
AND AND AND YOU USED THE WORD 'stiletto' (i'm sorry but anything with 'stiletto' in it just beckons for me to like it. because i have bimbotic tendencies.) I love using stiletto this stiletto that. (:
"slicing my/face on a broken/flower pot." Ouch. I could honestly see it, and feel the pain. "knees turn to sand" sounded pretty.. and seemed to evoke this sadness.. being the last line. It just felt special.
I love your writing style. It's 2a.m. This piece woke me up.
12/2/2003 c1 romancingthemoon
12/1/2003 c1 25White-Mage-Of-Death
THAT'S SO DARN SAD! *cry* *cry*
I am speechless. :)

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