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2/20/2004 c13 Animequirk
Good job. So is this like the end? I can't wait for more, update soon.
2/19/2004 c13 28Rionarayne
You updated! Whee!
This really stands out to me. You've made the Kate-finding-out situation very real and the emotions seem quite lifelike. You didn't overdo it soap-opera style, and I like that. Very, very nice job.
2/17/2004 c13 34Iris Devine
ah! That's sad! As usual, it was very poignant... it made me almost cry! Great job and keep writing!
1/13/2004 c12 Iris Devine
Wow. What an eventful chapter, considering Kate didn't even get out of bed. Is she gonna find Charles? What will she do when she does? Does she still love him? Post again soon!
1/13/2004 c11 Iris Devine
That's sad...
Somehow when Kate says "whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger", it doesn't seem to fit in with her mood, unless she's saying it more to herself than to Charles.
1/8/2004 c12 30Roadside Dryer
OH, i can't wait! I know, it is so sad..and so loving! Update soon, this time i promise not to take four weeks! I just started a new romance/action/scifi book. Feel free to read it, ALison ANd Mr. Lang. Great job. Update soon!
1/8/2004 c11 Roadside Dryer
*wah* That's so sad, love is a tragic thing.. Oh the love, where is the love?
1/8/2004 c10 Roadside Dryer
Oh! Did she just guess? Oh, oh..I gotta go on!
1/8/2004 c9 Roadside Dryer
Oh! My goodness..Where have i been? Sorry it's taken so long..gosh i feel like an idiot. Great job. "Just keep swiming, just keep reading, just..."
1/6/2004 c12 28Rionarayne
Ah... that's more like it; nothing like a little drama. I knew that Kate would eventually have to find out... but I wasn't thinking that it'd be this way. My question: How did Arlene know? Did they have something about Charles on the news?
Overall, very nice, life-like portrayal. I'm getting a little sad now because I know that the story will end soon... but I'm savoring every word...
1/6/2004 c11 Rionarayne
God... don't tell that to people when they're in emotional moods! Now I feel bad for Kate and want to stab my wrists with a pen. :-( Well, I like how this is going, although, it almost feels like you're prolonging something. Just my opinion. Great flow quality as always; great read.
1/6/2004 c12 Raging Libra
whoa...i think she'll take shooting him...hehe...anywayz, great story! i love this! can't wait for the next update!
1/4/2004 c10 34Iris Devine
I'm almost crying... thinking from Kate's point of view... God, what a cruel thing! What a horrible time to dump her! She must really think Charles is a bastard for that... Damn! Keep posting!
1/4/2004 c9 Iris Devine
Short chapter, but very good. I'm getting all nervous reading it! What's gonna happen? ::dies from not knowing:: I don't like Parker... :o
1/4/2004 c10 1Okami Hikage
dun dun dun! Well, this sure does pose a problem, huh? Ah, this shall be interesting how it turns out. 15 Chapters? Muy awesome-o! Can't wait for the rest! ^_~
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