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for endless motion

4/1/2002 c1 VilVeela
I liked it. It waas a little weird and i had to read it over a few times but it sounds really good and i like how it rhymes too. Yay good job!:)
9/1/2001 c1 GreenPoet
Excellent Poem.

Gives that Idea of Perpetual Motion, and I like it very much!

Keep Writing.
6/18/2001 c1 Jenny Breitigan
Hey! Great writing. Keep up the good work.
1/7/2001 c1 1Tualha
Spiffy. I'm not much of a poetry buff myself, but this was good. Oh, I'm not going to read the Pern fics until I read the books (obviously) so...
12/23/2000 c1 8Amethyst LaReine
deep. very deep. nice! ^_*
12/20/2000 c1 JustWatchMe
This is so incredibly deep! Wow ... it's like you've put the most private thoughts of teenagers everywhere into words, and made it sound really good. I hope you write more of these things!
12/19/2000 c1 5Original Sin
wow! Its so deep!
12/19/2000 c1 hearts soul
neat i really liked this poem

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