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for Birth Right

12/30/2003 c4 friend48
Hahaha! Serves Prince Andrew right. That's one reason I wouldn't like to live back then, arranged marriages. If I were Ali, I would run away. The story is awesome. I can't wait to see what Ali will do next.
12/28/2003 c1 mindtear
well, this isn't a review of your work at all, I don't have time to read it right now. I'm just taking a break from my "holiday homework from hell"- a ridiculous amount of work I have to do. however, I didn't have any other way to contact you, you didn't put your email address on your profile (either that or I'm really pathetically unobservant), so I decided to review (but not. although I will later.) your work. you can remove this review (that's why I didn't put a signed review), i get a copy of what I've written anyway.
ANYWAY, what I wanted to say was thanks for reviewing my poem "Time Twisted". I do wonder, though, if you read my analysis/description of it in my profile? ...I felt compelled to add my thoughts on why I wrote it. So that should clear up the strangeness.
Also, there really is no poetry standard, but I probably do spend a LOT more time writing my poetry than most people on fictionpress. I've written a couple short stories too, but there is no way that I'm going to post them until I've thoroughly gone over them and made sure it says exactly what I'm going to say... and it'll be a while until I have the time to do it. Forever the perfectionist.
p.s. sorry about the pseudo-review. I really don't have time.
12/22/2003 c3 38Papillon Sierra
poor ali... run away!
12/22/2003 c2 Papillon Sierra
i was right i was right ha ha ha go me! i still love this! Ali is a great character... kinda reminds me of Mia from the Princess Diaries... she's spunky enough... and it's very funny. i love it
12/22/2003 c1 Papillon Sierra
hmm... lemme guess... she's a princess? don't laugh at me if i'm wrong... i love this so far. it's really well written... and the guy sounds so hot.. hee hee
12/10/2003 c1 29aode
sounds very cool so far... I'm going to keep on reading!
12/9/2003 c1 27MoonWinged-Faerie
Awesome story from what these two chapters have shown. Please update as soon as you can, this story has definite potential, please continue!
12/7/2003 c2 A friend
Writer-who-loves-also-loves-to-sing, I envy the way you can write! It's so good! While I was reading it, I could honestly see this story being made into a movie.
Lol, I caught the tennis shoe under the dress thing. As long as we are friends, I will not let you do that!
12/7/2003 c1 splenetic ditz
hey, i really love the second chapter of birth right! its good so far but you have to let me know when you post more/ or when you have an idea that your not sure about just run it by me for my opinion;)I'm sure youv'e guessed who this is already! oh another thing, the prince that is "courting" Ali i think that he should be a little more slimy then polite. Like maybe she has to tell him more then once to leave her alone or something. I don't know just brainstorming some. Any way give i will call you later(most likely to ask for help on math homework;o)bye for now!
- splenetic ditz
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