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2/12/2005 c1 Out-Of-Reality
Anger and sadness...Our most passionate emotions. You did an amazing job of expressing both of them!
2/6/2005 c1 6broken rainbow
wow... the emotions were overwhelming.
1/26/2004 c1 26esotericblood
This is the third review from me today, I think :P I really like your poems, though. They aren't extravagantly worded, but to me that's a good thing, because it leaves more room for all your emotions. And your poems are so emotional. Every one of them left me with goosebumps. This one is especially emotional, though. The way you described it all ... I don't know who this person is and what they exactly did to you, but it sounds horrible, and I hope they get whatever's in store for them.
12/19/2003 c1 41Arreis Kurai
im leaving a review here for all five of your poems up right now...the way u write isnt the most spectacular...its good, dont get me wrong...but it seems it could be better written...however, in all your poems here, u can feel a strong emotion emitting itself, and that emotion is what is so touching about your poems...especially for those who have also been down that road...
~*Arreis Kurai*~
12/5/2003 c1 4Aiko Musubitsuku
This ish awesome... it reminds me of what I've been going through the past few days. I've only just posted a letter that is very similar to this, go check it out if you'd like. This poem makes me feel better about the whole thing. Good job! ^-^

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