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for Closing the door, opening a window

7/8/2013 c1 Padmegirl Forever
Cool story.
1/3/2011 c1 17Lady of romance world88
Hi. Its beautiful chapter and i love it. :) Ah Ava left the school for the reason. Thats very interesting. :) Ah Daniel bully Ava. I am wonder why? :S Ah Ava return to the same school after five years away. How interesting. :) I am sorry to hear that Ava's father left her and her mum. It must be tough time for Ava's mum to raise her on her own. Poor Ava. :( Ah Daniel do not recognize Ava. How interesting. :) I am off to read the next chapter now. I am enjoy read this story. I love it. :D
9/8/2008 c30 5I Murder on Impulse

5/9/2008 c30 randieskins
I loved the story! ^_^

Sandy the ditz, lmfao!

that made me laugh so hard.

and the ending was shweet.

aruging over milk, lmao. aww!
4/30/2007 c1 Black Diamond
Funny we have the temper part in common.I get mad easily. It's fun though becasue I get alot of control. Nice story line but maybe it's better to stick to on point of view becasue you don't handle it well. I mean it in the best way possible.

Keep writting

2/18/2007 c30 8won smrt cukE
It's a great story line, but (no offense) your grammar is atrocious and your spelling is off on a lot of things. However, if you find a really good beta, then you will be set! You have great potential.
1/5/2007 c11 atreyu love
1/5/2007 c4 atreyu love
1/5/2007 c1 atreyu love
12/30/2006 c1 youpin
10/7/2006 c14 frackandbonechick
I don't know how to put this nicely so i'm just going to be frank...

I can't force myself to read this anymore, i kept reading and reading hoping that this story was going to get better, but after 14 chapters i think this is as good as it is going to get, which is actually quite bad.

There really isn't much to this story, the chapters are short and they don't have very much detail, the characters are bland at best, we can't 'love' the characters or heck even like them if we can't visualise them. Even though the plot isn't original i like the idea that you have but you just haven't been able to write it down, to get us interested.

I'm sorry that i have to be so blunt, but i just couldn't do it anymore.

When writing your next story could you please put a bit more thought into the plot and the characters, really think ... is this plot going to work? i am going to be able to write it how i want it? will the readers be interested. If you think yes, get another writers opinion, and get a BETA who will tell you the truth.

3/24/2006 c3 cocobunny
ur story's okay, kinda predictable. a bit boring 'cause there's no hard vocab and the characters aren't really developed. how did lisa change her mind about being best friends so fast? it was like: bam! and the evil twin part was really random.
3/3/2006 c30 Alenor
oh this is a great story. it's so sad that tori died tho! ahh well, i love it, cya later ~ luv Alenor.
2/24/2006 c30 MONkeyIsCAlling
thanks for finishing the story =)

you had some spelling mistakes, but the story and plot was really fun ^_^

ava and danny make a cute couple, with all the bickering..

im glad that it was a happy ending...

i want a sequel =) !

12/27/2005 c30 14j0zz
LOL! THEY ARE SO FUCKING CUTE! Arguing about wether a freaking milkshake was skinny milk or regular milk. LOL
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