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3/23/2005 c1 69this is britt
That was glorious. and now all feels right with the world, which it never does. excellent job.
2/10/2004 c1 7water sprite
The end of this poem really made it worthwhile to read, great work :) Its a great way to express the monotonous beat life can take on sometimes, and the change in thought at the end is really interesting.
12/6/2003 c1 84Escapist
Okay...wow. Where do I begin?
The flow of this is magnificent, certainly not what I expected. When I started reading the first couple of lines I accurately recall myself thinking, "OK, this person wrote it just to pass the time. Not a poet, they said." But, by the time I finished reading it, my jaw was noticeably dropped.
This is wonderfully constructed. It goes through a very average every day routine and thoughts but then you throw in something that makes the poem what it is.
"He pulls out of gun
I think of fear
He puts it to his head
I think of calling the police
I hear the gun go off
I think of what I should have done"
And then there's a beautiful ending.
Truly a commendable job.
12/6/2003 c1 Chambered emotions
I think a lot too :) haha, yeah well anyways, this is really good ! Yes, you are by all means a poet. It doesn't have to rhyme, you don;t have to be published...you just have to write all your emotions through all your sences adding one sence, and that is your mind...good job

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