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6/1/2004 c4 9Baby Moony
COME ON MAN! please update soon! i wanna kno what her mom does when she freaks out on Karin for bein out so late: anyways update soon!
5/11/2004 c4 11Morgan1234
good story please write more
5/7/2004 c4 1Angelicpawn
This is incredible...I love it...Keep 'em coming!
5/7/2004 c4 subhumans8
arg...i need to know the ending! write more!
3/31/2004 c3 Tom T. Thomson
I have to say, while this story was writen fairly well, there seem to be some issues for me with your main character, Karen. You haven't made it clear why she does what she does. Good story other wise.
3/28/2004 c3 1Sober-and-Humorless
nice chapter, update soon!
3/14/2004 c2 50Kataerias
Very good job. This is interesting. Intriguing, even. The anger you portray is amazing, and brazenly accurate. You should be very proud of this piece of work.
Great GREAT job. It is fantastic. I will be watching for a further update.
Krystal (SN: Kataerias)
Oh yes, and thank you for your review.
3/13/2004 c2 1Sober-and-Humorless
Intriguing, your writing style is awesome. Please please update soon, you can't leave me hanging now!
3/11/2004 c1 14Mavin
I'll be interested to see how this one turns out. Good job.
3/9/2004 c2 16FuxedUpBarbie
u update ALMOST as much as i do. lol v. good *River*
1/22/2004 c2 Laksha
Awesome story. I like your style of writing. You write about cutting so well, from experience maybe? All the same, I love this story and Mall Goth, please continue on both.
12/10/2003 c1 FuxedUpBarbie
good. :-) *River*
12/9/2003 c1 me
hey, this is a good story so far, plz update soon coz yeh

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