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for A Switch of the Wind

12/7/2004 c1 18Kilshiara
I suppose that's what he gets for yelling and screaming at his kid all the time. Sounds like a pretty screwed up family.. but then, what family isn't.I like the style this is written in..
1/29/2004 c1 43James Rain
Hm. Interesting. A lot of your pieces seem to be like this from the summaries. Very psychological. The last full paragraph was definitely the best. I thought the part about sitting down and talking about it really added to the whole mental aspect of attacking a person. It was a very interesting, deep point you made. Good job.
1/4/2004 c1 47myfishpajamas
The son has definitely had enough of Daddy. Once again, the only way I can imagine this happening is through your writing. Interesting and it sounds like the family needs some therapy.
12/14/2003 c1 Just Wolf
well, i liked the ending. it was very startling. but what is three "iron, forged blade, nike brand tiger club?" pewter muknon?" 2shaks it?" and "oprah?" maybe if i could of figured out what the hell you were on about half the time i would of liked this story better. anyway. it did have an exteremly startling ending, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on whether or not you think startling endings are desirable.
anyway,m thank you very very much for your review of "sexual prowess." the sex scene was supposed to be unsexy; it was trying to show how little the two girls felt they had to live for.

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