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for Pulling me into darkness

4/18/2004 c1 GrungeIsDead
Okay then. What is this about? I really honestly, do not get it. Why is she vomiting? I'm confuffled.
2/25/2004 c1 2Delusion25
this story is great too, to add an author, you can one of two things:
in the window that you write the review in, check "add author" (the second box)
In the menu you have when you just logged on, click "Favorite authors" on the bottom left.
thanks for the reviews, your welcome for the reviews, blah blah blah. well, i hope to see more of your writing =) ta-tah for now.
2/1/2004 c1 WhiteFlameAngel
KInda confusing but still good. Keep writing I`ll eventually figure it out.
12/12/2003 c1 1Don Michaello
dis one is so f*cking amazing(I had to sensor it, they've warned me twice) man everything is good and lets u really get under the character's skin
12/10/2003 c1 24echoes of chaos
WOW. I don't even know what else to say. Your writing is awesome. The descriptions, the emotions, the way your characters interacted, everything about this was awesome. I really hope you're going to write some more on here and that this isn't it, I would totally read more!

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