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9/6/2005 c1 9Xtreme Red Dragon
you are a really good writer you know, you sould try to get this stuff published
7/25/2004 c1 26girl-23
Wow, I really enjoyed reading this. I can totally relate to this, almost too much. I wanted to thank you for the review of my short story "Never Again". Thanks for taking the time to read it and I'm glad you liked it. Check out my other stories if you have a few minutes. Thanks again.
7/10/2004 c1 81daphnegray78
Wow. The ending really took me by surprise...I really liked it. I alaso liked the imagery you used, like the rose and the blood. It just added so much to teh story. Great work!
P.S. Awhile ago, you reviewed my poem "China Doll" (sorry it took so long for me to respond) and you asked what the deeper symbolism was. Basically, the china doll represents everything that your parents won't give their children. In the end, she gave her kids what her mom refused to give her.
5/14/2004 c1 Random
Great story, as usual! its stephis! continue writing amazin stories cuz i love readin them! take care xox
4/20/2004 c1 2nikelvin
great way of writing. nice imagery with the rose and the blood. and ah, stories about a person who never lets go, always a popular topic and rightfully so.
really great, keep on rocking.
4/18/2004 c1 GrungeIsDead
OMG this was so good! I like the way you write, well not 'Dirty Secrets' but all of these other stories. Keep writing! ^_^
2/1/2004 c1 WhiteFlameAngel
Your inbox is gonna be full with just my reviews...lol...Is she dreaming in this one? The story overall is very very good. Please write more
1/16/2004 c1 19The L1zard Queen
Wow thank you so much for reviewing my work. It means a lot to me that you, being a stranger, actually took the time to read my stuff just on a request of mine. Once again, thanks so much for reading them, and for the praises :D You earned 1,0,0,0,0 cool points.
12/13/2003 c1 38Papillon Sierra
good... makes you think... *sigh* reminding me of something but i don't want to go into that... very well written
12/12/2003 c1 2Anna Hartford
Hiya. This is good too! When I said e-mail me, I just meant send a message to my e-mail address which is . Don't abandon your stories, make sure you update soon or else you'll lose readers. Your other story has loads you can do with it. Have you decided on the events that will occur that will lead to her death? Work those out in an order first and then add your extras. Also, I found that a layered character is more interesting and fun to create than a simple one. Develop Anastasia, and your character from this story so that you have another level to build your story on. I know I'm referring back to your other fic here, but is that a prologue, a flashback, or is that the event that will trigger the rest of the story? I don't know if any of that helps, but I hope it does. Good luck in your writing and keep at it! I'll be back very soon to check on your updates!
Loadsa love, Anna x
12/11/2003 c1 2Lena Carta
"My bare feet are getting cut by sharp twigs and scattered pieces of fragment."
What exactly are scattered pieces of fragment. Curious. I like the rest, though.
12/11/2003 c1 1Don Michaello
I like I like
12/10/2003 c1 3Miss Meticulous
Wow, this is... I don't know what to say. It's amazing. You write so well, don't stop. You have talent. I would like to read more of your stories.
12/10/2003 c1 24echoes of chaos
that was pretty awesome. I really, really like the way you write. You make the emotions so vivid. much applause, much applause

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