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1/3/2007 c1 93Writingsfrommyheart
Good. I can relate to it. I often have to cut before I sleep. Good rhyme.
5/10/2006 c1 167girl- reinvented
gah... beautiful. dont you love your little addiction when it makes you feel so. effing. GOOD? sorry... i do it too. that feeling is amazing, and youve captured it nicely. kudos to you on the writing. (not the self injury, because we all know its not good- good feeling, but not good.) oh well. maybe one day, we can all learn to stop.
3/18/2005 c1 232Second Hand Screams
Nice flow. I like it. Great job describing the "release" feeling.
7/28/2004 c1 32Choleric Mist
One word: wow
6/1/2004 c1 19Scarlet Dickenson
I really like this. It's very vivid but it captures the images very well, except for the pain part. I never really feel pain , but anyway great poem.
5/11/2004 c1 Leise
This is an awesome poem. I love the way it flows. There is another way though , if you are writing from experience. There is just no reason to do this. Let me know if you want to know about the way out. This is serious.
3/7/2004 c1 15Anich
i know how you feel. i can relate to this poem a lot and i bet a lot of others can
well written
3/2/2004 c1 14Peregrine Psyche
Wow... I like it a lot. Reminds me of my frist time too. And what I just did about 15 minutes ago. I'm going to email this link to my friend who also does this. I think she'd like the poem, too. BTW, thanks for the review.
2/27/2004 c1 38Megaroni
12/13/2003 c1 1Lauren K
Oh wow...this is really really really good. I love the way it flows..."silver blade against the skin/startling pain like a murderer's grin" is my favorite.
Sammiegrl recommended you-I see why, your stuff is awesome!
12/12/2003 c1 sketchmedesire
that was amazing! real good!
12/12/2003 c1 15ItoldYouSo
That is scary. You deffinetly have had experience. I can relate to this so well, and it's just like what cutting is like. I love your poem big much. Keep up the good work.
12/12/2003 c1 2Ziggy Manson
Its beautiful...you describe it well...believe me I kno
12/12/2003 c1 Sweet Sorrow
Very nice. I know how you feel... keep writing!
~Sweet Sorrow
12/12/2003 c1 4fragmented
wow, very descriptive. i know the feeling, and the images in this are very clear
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