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for Shut Up and Die

2/25/2008 c1 22groovacious
O I can tell you were venting...a lot of angst...me like.
3/2/2005 c1 1greenfaith
This was funny.
10/21/2004 c1 4Rio Madeira
Oh, man, this is too funny . . . I can identify with it perfectly, there are so many of those girls I know. Keep it up!
5/30/2004 c1 75Kitty Ryan
Sar, I love you. And loathe those girls. There's one in every walk of life, no? Brilliant stuff.
4/19/2004 c1 11Nightly Rain
yeah... i hate those kinds of people too! way to go on the poem! i really loved it!
4/15/2004 c1 WarriorHeart
That was some very serious humor going on there. I loved the words and the message. Great job.
2/9/2004 c1 21Seremela Minyatur
wow, i really like this poem. its pretty funny, and i liked yur rhyming. and besides, i also HATE people like that. grr. great poem!
1/25/2004 c1 169flammable jello
this was awesome! i really like it! i feel the same way abou those types of girls...wish i had a stun gun that way i just stab em with it and not have to waste engery yelling at them! im adding this to my favorites. thanks for telling me about this site and adding mine!
1/20/2004 c1 1born blue
my feelings exactly- love it!
good job
1/19/2004 c1 281Devil6667
Beautiful. I can totally relate. I feel the same way. *shudders* oh how I loathe them. I feel your pain because i've seen friends get hurt be girls like that. Adding it to my favorites list, truly beautiful. r/r some of mine too.
1/18/2004 c1 15BecomingMyself
Well, I think that I AM the earth and sky, but I will do you a favor and shut up and die!
Nice little rhyming angry rant you have over here, blaming it on PMS?
Whoa, don't want to be near you when you are like this...
Never thought you could have it in you, judging you by your other work...
Rant and rage on!
1/17/2004 c1 14Dirty Wallpaper
LOL! indeed! this is great, you wanna join my nonexistnat feminist group? so far there are 2 members...make it three! make it three!
moving along, my fav line would absolutely no doubt have to be "ill rip the face/off that dipstick" though little typo there, you put of instead of off...but then i cant talk, im pretty sure i was born to create new and improved typos...
1/16/2004 c1 4schanning
So true... So true... if they would all just die, the world would be a better place... a much emptier one... but, better all the same. good poem!
1/6/2004 c1 9imxnotxyourxstar
Great poem...I couldn't agree with it more. Keep up the good work!
1/1/2004 c1 35rocket baby doll
LOL! wow... I love the pms part, im sorry, it was great!
Keep it up!
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