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3/8/2006 c3 23Teah Marie
How come you haven't updated this for so long? Sounds like a great start, but you have to continue. I am THE Shadow, Caryn Smoke
12/3/2005 c3 2JinHang
UPDATE! *stares at author*PLZ? For me?I hate my keyboard *hits keyboard* my sis broke some keyes... *mumbles* yea, anyways love you stories, keep writing!
1/15/2005 c3 4unbridledfear
Hey! I love this story as well. You have talent. The guy was a little vague, but I think I'll like him.

Please R&R my stories..."Untitled" and "Untitled Romance".
12/19/2004 c3 SamiJo
Very good, I hope you update soon.
10/16/2004 c1 Guest
i liked chapter one
9/5/2004 c3 3Jonny Manz
It seems like everything's OneTwoThree in this story. I like that. Continue now or I shall, I shall... Forget it. Just continue.
Jonathan The Fic Writer
4/13/2004 c1 LannY bOi
hurry and write da 4th chap~!~ =P hehe cant wait nemore .
4/4/2004 c3 Harbors of Memory
I know I'm a little late reviewing your last two chapters because you already posted them two months ago, but forgive me! I'm trying to review the latest chapters of every story that I've reviewed in the past, and it's getting hard...
So, your story has always fascinated me. It seems to have a good plot and everything, and I'd like to find out more about the man we met in chapter 3, but I don't think you've gotten as far into it that I can really tell you what I think of it and give you some constructive criticism. So far though, you seem to have a good foundation to build the rest of your story on.
I see you haven't updated your story in a while. I hope that you can find the time to do so soon because your story is like a lot of other potentially great stories on this site that never went on for more than three chapters. I hope your story doesn't become one of those because I think you're doing great right now and deserve to go on with it.
Although, I can't criticize you much because I'm dangerously close to doing the same thing myself. I'm trying to update my story and I will update it soon enough when I find the time, but I think I'm losing reviewers by waitng to long.
So anyways, update your story soon and please tell me once you've updated so I can review because I might forget about it until then.
3/24/2004 c3 skdjfnskjdn
cat suks
3/24/2004 c2 cat suks
cat suk scat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks cat suks
3/24/2004 c1 midget
YEA..CAT..HERES THE REVIEW U FORCEFULLY MADE ME TYPE UP...onli doin this cause i want a bdai pressie...*glare*..newayz...haha...jeni and mark...hum...geez cat...wreva did u get ur inspiration from? THAT was ingenious...haha..b farni if mark read it...betta go...toodles^^...now u need 2 go shopping...off u go!
3/20/2004 c1 jj
wah goot stuff cat~! so exciting ^^ Lee sounds reli hot ahahaha =p okok i read nex chapta
3/19/2004 c3 LannY bOi
omg~!~ dis ish really really good story *cries* so sad as wellz...i want to read more buh ders only 3 chapters . where are the others? hehe
anyways keep in informed when the next few chapters are coming
this is lyk such a good book...read it pplz...worth the time =)
after it finishes...i want to buy the book okiz cat? so sell it to me first =P hehe...and sign it coz u'll b famous =)
newayz...i just woke up...even though its 2pm...buh i still wrote u a review lyk i sed i would =) lanny boi neva forgets..hehe
wellz i beta get goin nowz
keep up the great work...much luv...ima OutZ~!~
2/15/2004 c3 pink strawberry
very good piece of writing...very good use of language techniques and word choice. The repetition of '1..2..3' was also exceptionally interesting and creative. Overall, an imaginative peice of writing
1/31/2004 c3 Demita88
Ok...I'm really confused. What time period is this in? You have post sent out by horse and modern hotels. Other than that confusion, the story is really good. Write more about the guy in the next chappie k? I like him already. ^^
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