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for Mortal Angels

4/14/2005 c1 15fon970
That is not stupid at all. I really like the rhyming scheme and how it just seems to come naturally to the poem. The rhyming doesn't sound forced and the rythym is also very very good. I really like it. Keep writing.
2/25/2002 c1 66one heart in 2
I like. Your poems are a breath of fresh air compared to my depressing peices. first, keep your optimism, you can't put a price on that. second keep writing. You are not bad, and the more you write the better you are.
2/2/2001 c1 22sarirose
What are you talking about i loved your poem You have a great talet and you should use it. I would so love if you would read one of my poems a tell me what you think thank you so much keep up your great work make more poems bye

1/2/2001 c1 91unwritten
i really like it! its a nice thought!
12/23/2000 c1 FadingStarlight
Hey Tara! It's Adrie, and like I always say that your poems DO NOT suck. I mean... look at mine... ick... well anyways, did you upload the right one? Cuz ish shorter than the one you let me post. I say its pretty good, tad bit betta than mine... and you're only a beginner. Not all poems are good you know so don't be so hard on yourself if it doesn't turn out right, and besides you should have confidence in yourself. Well this is turning into a paragraph now so I betta juss say that keep trying harder and you'll do betta than me! And thanx for being a great friend! ~Adrie~
12/23/2000 c1 6Lady Lin'air
I thought it was cute . . . very bubbly and sweet. Not bad for being a beginner. Keep up the good work. ^_^
12/21/2000 c1 15Opal Soul
Sweet concept. Endings are hard to write, always, no matter what genre of literature you or I can try. The ending was... sweet, but I didn't really understand the "truthful friend" part. I would suggest replacing it with something very relevant to the title. Make another reference to angels. That's just my opinion; if you did do that, maybe some other person would come around and say it's repetitious. Oh, well. Can't please everyone. Anyway, not a bad poem. Never be afraid to express yourself. Very sweet.

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