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10/13/2004 c1 Soul of Night
Well, i can't really say anything that is unpredictable. You have a thing for using excellent words. The feeling really somes out in this piece. Great work.
6/18/2004 c1 26Justread
Hey Bud!
Look sorry that you didnt like my poem but if you had read the summary..you would have seen i had to do it for SCHOOL. And id rather be full of myself (which im not) Then be all depressed and hate myself as much as you do. Although your poems are great i can tell you that...Dont put yourself up by bringing other ppl down. I know im not a lot of the things i said ...but i tried!
6/8/2004 c1 9QuillKitten
SHA-BANG! When you write you put your heart into it completely, it's like you smack all your emotions down on the page and then you have masterpiece. I know this poem is simple, but its hard (maybe for me) to put words in quick succession and then have the work well and complement eachother. Beuatiful work as always. Always put your emotions on paper, you seem to be so truthful.
1/10/2004 c1 86c0rvida3
Wow. This is compelling...I think I can relate with you a bit here...Depression stinks.:( Thanks for reviewing some of my friends work on my other account Snoochieboochiessatanbadger.:) Very kind of you. I liked this, really.:) KEEP WRITING!:P
12/19/2003 c1 17CrimsonSoulTears
I liked it, and they way it changed in the last line. Clever.
12/18/2003 c1 18Bleak
The rhyme scheme's very simple and works nicely. And I love the way this was written in mostly adjectives. It certainly gets the point across and works better than it ever would if it were written in complete sentences.
Well done.

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