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12/19/2003 c1 119AntiPleasure
Nice little descriptions here. I'm only 16 but at times I don't like the idea of getting "older" lol my girlfriend is 20 now and it feels weird for her because she isn't a teenager anymore. But that's how the life cycle goes I guess, time does pass us by all the time *sniff* but yeah, nice little poem. =)
12/19/2003 c1 35Krikoris
Before I start with the review, I got three thing to say:
2.)Yes, I did take down CA, because I am finally in the serious stages of editing and am paranoid about someone taking it (even though it sux, meh)
3.) Thank you so much for reviewing my work. Your most recent review touched me, because out of all my works its my favorite and I am so glad that you found it enjoyable.
Ok, now to the review:
I love how you turned such an absently celebrated day into what it truly is. You tore down the veils of illusion and. . . .made it very depressing but beautifully envisioned.
My favorite lines? :Throw your worries into the sky,for the stars will catch them, and shoot them down at others.
Wonderful images. Another wonderful work, and I hope that you at least got some good stuff out of your b-day.
Krikoris Kriticos
12/19/2003 c1 80Plato's Optic Runaway
Heh, though you evidently have quite the pessimisstic view of getting older (I don't blame you in the least, dear) you did an exemplary job with this poem. ^^ Dark, but much too true. I like it.
12/19/2003 c1 2Hypersensitive
That was amazing. Like, all the descriptions, phrases, scenes and all that things that a poem needs, everything is in there. Its perfection. How do you keep this up Pris. Happy belated birthday by the way. =) It sure sounds depressing to be there on your birthday, but awesome job here, you've done it all over again.
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