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7/26/2018 c21 Guest
Absolutely loved the story. Its fill in adventure, mystery, drama, romance, and suspense was exhilarating to experience as I read your story; absorbing everything and not wanting to stop. It was a great read and definitely should be published. I know you have last touched this story so long ago but it would be terrific if there was a sequel to Break. Thank you for sharing this with us :)
You're an amazing writer!
5/29/2016 c21 Guest
This was a pretty sweet story. I liked it a lot; only problem is that 380 divided by 2 is not 140.
12/16/2015 c1 shogunwarrior67
This is a really great start. One tip I learned in college:

Show don't tell. Let the story play out with dialog and movement to the story instead of just telling what is going on. It makes for a much more exciting story. Pretend you are watching it play out in your mind as it happens.
7/15/2015 c1 justme
Wow. That's all. Wow. How in earth? Your story is very wonderful. Did you have everything planned right from the start? It wAs great. You write great. It was well-planned, and you dont write like some authors who insert lots of plot twists which they would soon forget about and makes you wonder what the hell happened. All strings are tied. The romance was great too.
12/28/2013 c21 3Colie Rae
Wow! Great story! I loved how well planned out it was the entire time. It truly was a mystery with clues imbedded throughout. Sahara was a fabulous character. i loved how strong she was and how she was the hero despite having a strong male counterpart who could have become the hero. Great work and thank you so much!
5/17/2013 c21 Anonymous
This was amazingly well written with just the right number of plot twists to keep it interesting and a level of suspense that kept me reading. I loved how all the little pieces fit together in the end, the details were important, and the way you slipped in a backstory without pausing the action. I loved it.
3/11/2013 c2 2inactiveaccountdelete
This story reminds me of "Samantha". Just switched around, the guy would be Saharah and the girl was Carson. God I LOVED reading Samantha. I think it's by Lina Trinch.
3/11/2013 c1 inactiveaccountdelete
2/2/2013 c21 Ayine
Amazing, this is definitely one for my favourites :)
I love Carson! :D
Great job. Maybe some more of this?
1/13/2013 c21 4R. Ficst
heeheehee. Very much enjoyed :)
12/12/2012 c20 HeadOverHeelsInHate
Blah. I accidentally pressed post before I was finished.

Anyways, this story has a good plot and the characters are cool. It's well written too. Love it!
12/12/2012 c21 HeadOverHeelsInHate
Oooo! Awesome! I like the
6/20/2012 c21 13breakthehabit
Finito! I'm glad you made it so Carson never beat Sahara. :P Epic story. Only bad part was the Violet part. lol. I really liked how you started the story though. Thanks for sharing! :D
6/20/2012 c20 breakthehabit
I love that part in the last chapter where you kind of backtracked to the beginning, with the Sahara counting. :P Not sure if you understand what I'm tryna say, but..
6/20/2012 c19 breakthehabit
Okay dude, you did NOT just write an anti-climatic ending for Violet. I REALLY DON'T LIKE YOU NOW! :O Ahfgasdfsdfas. I'm totally in this story. I feel the hate. o_O THAT WASN'T FAIR!
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