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5/6/2010 c21 Vicky A
Are you not going to do a "Break II"?
4/27/2010 c21 blueberrysundae
I really like this story, but a quick question? Do you do any martial arts? If so, what style? Because... There are some particular things that have been bothering me about the fight scenes/violence ect. I practice a few different styles, so if you do practice, I'd love to hear why you chose those particular moves. I'm definitely not trying to sound insulting or anything. In fact, my most common reaction is to just stop reading a fic if the fighting does not seem realistic (I hate 5 foot girl wields claymore stories), but I really enjoy the story, and if you do have martial arts experience (and it's a mysterious, mysterious world so you could be some sort of grandmaster and I'm just proving my ignorance) I'd love to discuss it with you.

Other than that, great story! My favorite character is Carson. loved the twist with the traitor. You interspersed the hints wonderfully, so there was enough forshadowing for someone to guess, but not so much that the twist fell flat.
3/8/2010 c14 WithEveryReason

12/8/2009 c17 1greyes
Oh! I'm so proud of myself! I've been reading this for an hour or so, but I guessed this plot twist a while ago!

I mean, what were the odds that both Vivienne and Violet were that good at pool? Plus there were a lot of other clues...
12/4/2009 c21 10balloonfista
love love it love it!

Oh my God this is so awesome.

i couldn't stop! My mom yelled at me like a thousand times but I just couldn't stop!

10/16/2009 c20 Elle Winters 9
Pssch what do they mean i can't review again on the same chapter? Anyway, this was a brilliant story. I don't usually like stories with so much violence, but you constructed it so well that i was slightly disappointed to reach an end. =)
10/16/2009 c21 Elle Winters 9
Ah nearly finished reading but just needed to point out that 340/2 = 190. Shame that neither of the geniuses pointed it out. hahaha

maybe you meant 280/2=140?
8/30/2009 c21 14Illegal0Immoral
Your story had interesting and well rounded characters. I loved both Carson and Sahara. Violet was a great, especially since she turned out as a 'bad guy'. Viviane however could have used some work. I generally don't like reading about the supporting characters much, especially the annoying ones, but her attitude and personality should have come through more. I get the feeling I was supposed to hate the woman, or at least be thoroughly annoyed with her, but I just didn't pick that up.

Overall all it was a great story, well written, and one I will definitly be adding to my favorites list.

8/24/2009 c1 1Sweartoad
Yay I finally found this story again after about three years! I have to admit that I got back into it because I started watching the TV series "Chuck", and then I was like, hey I remember reading this awesome story way back when and now I want to read it again ...

Anyway, just glad that this is still up and I will enjoy re-reading it!
7/26/2009 c21 3sanitary pad
That was amazing. I enjoyed reading Break! You certainly have a talent for writing. :) Fantastic, and thanks for writing this wonderful story! :D
7/26/2009 c17 sanitary pad
Ha! I KNEW something was up with violet! :X

7/26/2009 c16 sanitary pad
“Like Italians waiting to pounce on a meatball.”

I laughed so hard at that line. Haha.

I can't wait to see what happens next! :D
7/26/2009 c14 sanitary pad
Can't help it. I have to say it! :

7/26/2009 c10 sanitary pad
7/26/2009 c7 sanitary pad
Aw, that was so sweet.

Haha, what is with Carson and Victoria's Secret models? Hahaha!
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