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12/31/2003 c4 AVIGON
Thoroughly enjoyed this chapter, especially now that Sahara seems to be only human. The pink, extravagant fluffiness of her room gave me a right laugh. Can't wait for the next part.
12/30/2003 c3 AVIGON
I loved this chapter... lot's of stuff happening, and a lot of -so far- unexplained stuff waiting for you to be written and for us to be read as well. I'm happy Sahara's warming up to Carson... I was kinda feeling sorry for the guy.
12/28/2003 c3 14Dirty Wallpaper
nice way to end the chapter, a little human pain and humiliation...always goes down well with any normal human reader.
this story is really clever, the whole conspiracy theory thing is put together quite nicely, and you give just enough information to leave the reader even more intrigued.
mystery after mystery.
*snicker* victorias secret model...im sorry, im just never going to get over how entertaining that is...
anyways, fantastic chapter, cant wait till the next! KUDOS!
12/27/2003 c3 5Black Dahlya
Good Story. Wonder what happens next. Please update soon!
12/27/2003 c3 51Lieschen
This is so awesome ! Getting more and more interesting as it goes on. Please keep it going. You've crafted this story perfectly - a perfect balance of description, dialogue, action...Excellent job !
12/26/2003 c2 princesscheezeball
i really really really like it. i can't wait to find out the plot. great build-up. :) update soon!
12/25/2003 c1 princesscheezeball
I like it. Computer genius/hottie... what more could you want? Hehe. Your introduction is really really good.
12/24/2003 c2 AVIGON
Good second chapter, although the scene on the bike: I don't know at what speed they're driving, but wouldn't it be rather impossible to talk to eachother, let alone, twist and turn on the Harley that way?
12/24/2003 c1 AVIGON
I honestly didn't think I was going to like this much, but I started reading, and now I plan on continuing. The story's just fast and interesting enough to keep me going.
12/23/2003 c2 Lieschen
Awesome ! I just read the first two chapters, and I can't wait to get a glimpse into the fiction-writing glitterjewele ! I can tell it's your writing, very vivid and descriptive, but with a nice little sarcastic bite. Excellent, keep it up !
12/23/2003 c2 14Dirty Wallpaper
well i must admit, that cheered me up dramatically.
lol, victorias secret model, how funny...i must do this
sahara and carson
carson and sahara...
yes, yes a nice ring, i do like indeed.
great chapter chica, again. kudos!
12/23/2003 c2 64not sure yet
o, this carson child is very mild mannered and complacent...heh, seriously, i would be flipshit, anywayz, muchly good despite that and an interesting new character and reference to another one...one that sounds like she has power, ahahhahahahaha, women with the skills, ANYWAYZ, muchly enjoyed this, god shit so far, awesome job
12/23/2003 c1 not sure yet
o, fascinating and quick start, muchly love the beginning to this one, very confusing and all over the place but its obviously meant to be for now, and for the idea that all computer nerds are weak...HEY! lmao, actually, i may not be the best with computeres, but im planning on going into astrophysics and thats just one of nearly everything ill have to know, anywayz, done being stupid for now, muchly hot car, excellent start
12/21/2003 c1 127godawful teen-angst poetry
*is slightly disoriented* could it...be? you of all people...poetic as they come...an *action* story? Well, it's a good one, at any rate, even if the last thing I expected. *grin* yes, I'll be reading this frequently as you update, don't fret...
12/19/2003 c1 14Dirty Wallpaper
*steps quietly into the story part of fictionpress, and hides*
well, im here, totally foreign, reading a ficpress story - jolly gee - i am impressed with myself.
i definitely like the idea, un holy chica feminist power tends to appeal to me. dont really have much to say, as per usual, no complaints, just pure awe.
though im liking this carson guy...sounds...very...promising ;)
please warn me of love triangles, they scare the crap outa me - i wonder if fear of love triangles is a phobia...definitely worth checking out...*reveals how desperate for entertainment she REALLY is*
this story has muchly captured my attention, kudos!
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