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for An Everlasting Dream

3/24/2005 c1 59Unfairy
Interesting write, the ending has thrown me off a little, but I think I get the meaning. That kind of stuff is serious. Just remember, it is not wise to regret your actions.
12/16/2004 c1 8CraigAPrice
wow, really good poem. i like it
10/9/2004 c1 Becky
That was a beautiful poem! Great work, emotions amazingly conveyed and something that I'm sure many people could relate to. Beautiful!
8/29/2004 c1 49SleepDontWeep
wow! that was truly beautiful! awh is dis based on real life?
anyways nice vivid imagery! well done!
please take a look at sum of my stuff! love Gretchen45 xx
5/23/2004 c1 11Saya-17
oh wow! I really like this one. it's so sweet. *sheds tear* There isn't much left to say...i don't know how to explian. but i can say this, on a scale from 1-10, i'd pick a 10!
5/10/2004 c1 A Beautiful Nightmare
Sweet... yet very sad... well details were used and expressed thourougly... wonderful...
5/10/2004 c1 191nine iron
WOW, so romantic, I was building up inside waiting to see what was going to be said, it could have gone one of many ways. Really wow. Keep writing.
Nine Iron
4/25/2004 c1 10Distel
I really like it... In the dream its like you maybe missed a chance and you never know what would be if...
By the way, thank for your review on my haiku, I did something with the constructive criticism.
~Distel (Sutairu)
4/21/2004 c1 Stephen Fierce Publications
Very nice dream. It sucks that you said no, though. However, I really wouldn't know-I'm still in Grade 8.
4/8/2004 c1 127godawful teen-angst poetry
It's real, and you can tell. It's like a verbalization of a hundred sleepless wondering nights...the things you'll never know and aren't sure you want to. A close shave or something just missed, and you can't decide. Beautifully written. I like you.
4/4/2004 c1 galiemme
I first read your poem and then your reviews... and it turns out I can't say anyting that's not already said...
so here it goes anyway: good job, nice word use etc. etc.
and you're right. what if? that's something I ask myself sometimes when I feel I did something stupid. maybe you too did the wrong thing, can't tell.
PS. thnx 4 the review on "eyes", it's kinda part of a much longer poem that I'll put up in a few weeks. ^_^
3/26/2004 c1 18Debbirooni
There isn't much I can say about this. Wow... very nice imagery (I almost always say that, but it's always true ^^) Really shows how each decision you make, changes your whole life... especially those "what if I..." questions. As I was saying, there isn't much I can say about this poem, because there isn't much I can relate to; but you do show nice contrast between disappointment, and "alternate endings"...
3/26/2004 c1 10Seaspray
Aww. That was sweet. Well expressed, very well written. Just lovely.
3/25/2004 c1 6Gekkani
Thanks for the review, by the way.
Wow, this poem is amazing. I really like it.
No critizism here. ;D
3/12/2004 c1 75Franken
Wow, this really is spectacular. I would give you some advice or constructive criticism, but I don't know what I could give you. I seriously loved the line in your second paragraph, "Like a torrent of water from summer storm." That in and of itself puts so much emotion into the poem. I'd love to see more poems like this!

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