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for Pie, a story of insane people

1/11/2004 c4 Anonymous
It was great Marge! I love the Fruit-Roll-up Inc. thing. Pure genius. (half invented by me!) Don't stop updating!
1/11/2004 c1 7Ncarter
Wow... I couldn't write anything that weird if I tried. Hilarious, though.
1/10/2004 c1 18Sallie Beaver
lol...This is very amusing so far. I've only time to read the first chapter, but I must say...Pie is good! And although I don't agree with you (the Lord sending a primate to Earth in such a manner is not realistic-but, then, none of the story is! YAY!), I shall read more later! Keep on writing!
-Sallie Beaver
PS Thank you for adding me to your favorite authors list...you are very kind. I will review more when I can! =)
1/5/2004 c3 Lea
GO MYAZAKI! Although you need that fourth chapter with Pharaoh Fruit Roll-Up and the TV commercial. That could possibly be another story, though. YOu could call it...Theo, the beginning of a new species! Oh, and i still think OB is cute and what's his face is ugly and is also not a poor little baby.
1/5/2004 c2 me
ha ha ha marge you are funny! (where is the pie?)
1/3/2004 c3 15a.reading.whore
i still can't stop laughing! this is pure genius, and everything makes sence now! i love it!
12/23/2003 c3 anonymous
lovely story... i liked the monkey and the t-shirts the most...
12/23/2003 c1 3FurballofEvilness
^^ hehe. Randomness rocks.
I enjoyed this, my favorite character was the pie, this is because i find him very humerous, and my mind kept supplying things he was saying back to the monkey instead of awkward silences. ^^
good job.
12/22/2003 c1 Lea
The revenge of the insane! Hey, can I get one of those T-shirts? I think that this reflects your personality (insanity) quite well. Also a very good explanation to the brith of lunatics and pyromaniacs! Personally, it could have been longer. You have creative juices that can be used for more than just a few paragraphs. (It says to give comments about how the story can be improved. I honestly thought it was perfect. I wanted to give you a "well rounded critique")
12/22/2003 c1 25Whizzothecrunchyfrog
This isn't as bad as you say it is, but it is a little goofy. So long as it's done well, goofiness is fine, and you did a pretty decent job.
12/20/2003 c1 Aredhel Carnesr
Ha!And somehow the story makes sense!Odd.Anywho,it was funny!
12/20/2003 c1 2Trinn
That was certainly unique! I quite enjoyed the long and thoughtful conversations between the monkey and the pie. ^_^
=Trinn the Omnipotent=
12/19/2003 c1 81Ultimate Schuyler
O...kay... right... Ha!
12/19/2003 c1 4Mz Malibu Barbie
lol that's so funny. can't wait for more! props for you! *hands out vanilla coke*
continue soon!

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