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for Reaper of Souls'

11/21/2005 c1 PleaseDeleteThisAccountMods
hm. I don't no if I agree with this perspective, but good idea anyway! lol keep ritin'
3/23/2004 c1 3happybutt
Wow, i had never really thought of him in that regard, another great poem. if you want, please r&r my stuff, it's... well you'll see.
3/4/2004 c1 13BoldSilence
I really like this one too. I know I said the same thing about your other one, but I like what you write about and the way you write it.
2/12/2004 c1 AFlockofSeagulls
I enjoyed this poem very much! Nice fresh new perspective!
12/22/2003 c1 2Kitty Nadj
This is beautiful. I've always felt sympathy for Death, but no ones ever felt the same. :)
Well, I'm going to send out the link to a few friends. I hope you get more reviews on this. It is lovely.

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