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8/19/2005 c5 13Draic
Disturbingly addictive :)
8/18/2005 c5 Nuckpang
"how much do you know about Kansas?"? What a great cliff hanger! Oh, I'm all anticipatition filled now! Really good chapter, it reminds me of HGTTG, though it's not quite THAT wierd.
12/26/2004 c3 3nuckpang
This's really good! Not that this is a suprise or anything, I just thought it should be pointed out.I think the dialog between the "New Firm" and the dog could have been a bit better, I found people saying things like "Shoot" in that situation was a bit unrealistic, though I suppose you do have to keep the rating low.By contrast, I love the dialog between Elisa and William, and thought that little bit of God was ingeniously placed.
9/7/2004 c2 Quinton
(note: this is a good thing)
1/23/2004 c2 8Raven Oghma
Oh boy... This is awesome! It's quite... hmm... erm... what's a good word?... INSANE. But that's why it's so good! Yay.
12/31/2003 c2 66Simon Psyc
you rule!
12/23/2003 c1 3nuckpang
A good and entirely weird (thus increasing the goodness) peice of writing from you, well written.
12/22/2003 c1 4Mealyn
First off, thanks for the...er...kind review. (Laughs) I don't truly have a rage problem, and if you want to flame me, be my guest. Back Off is truly not my best work. If you want to see what I can REALLY write, read another story. It's just rantings. Don't judge me by that story.
Secondly, very interesting plot you have here...I'm confused. (Laughs again)I'd like to see where you're taking it. I did spot a mistake..."There was meteorite" should be "There was a meteorite." Keep writing. Just don't crush me by saying I need a therapist...O_o
Best regards,
Lady Lucritia
12/21/2003 c1 66Simon Psyc
hahahahaha i like it. very... trippy.

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