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for Verin

1/17/2004 c2 2elf kirianna
guess what... I want more... what'll happen when Vlos finds out AH poor sTeve Verin needs to tell him
1/4/2004 c2 10Malicious Scars
Very good story you have going on here..i really like the name verin too.Write more!
12/25/2003 c2 Smile101
Wow. That was a good chapter. I feel sorry for him though because of his father. Update soon. Thanks.
12/25/2003 c2 The Cute Little One
Great. I feel happy for Verin that he has a friend like Steve. I hope Verin and his Mom get away from that evil father. well cant wait for more :)
12/24/2003 c1 2elf kirianna
I am so intrigued... more please
12/21/2003 c1 The Cute Little One
aw i feel bad for the Verin to go through stuff like that. i would have tried to run away prbly. I hope he and his mom get away.
12/21/2003 c1 Smile101
his father is disgusting. you write very good. Update soon. can you update "First Taste" as well?

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