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for A country Christmas

2/20/2008 c16 3AJS
I love this story a lot :) I don't mean to sound not like me (not that you would know or anything) but I kind of think this story is precious. It's stories like these that make a suburban/city girl like me wish that I had grown up in the countryside. Guys like Shawn and the relationships that girls like Halley has with him make me really envious. Even though this story was short, and the interactions between them were limited, you could really tell that they're really well suited for one another. You can really see the comfort and chemistry that is between them, and the way they fit so perfectly together. I can't really explain it, but you obviously did in a different way, because that's kind of the feeling that you conveyed. I don't know. It was in the way that after she went to him, he just slid right into her life at ease. The way he laughed at her and teased her when she would say, "Maybe I'll buy that car next year." The way he walked down the porch when Halley was greeting her parents at the end. I don't really know. Small gestures that just kind of add up and paint the blaringly obvious picture that they're meant to be together.

Anyways, I don't know what I'm doing, trying to convince you that your characters are supposed to be together, lol, especially when they already are :) I just like this a lot. You're a really good author. Actually, I remember your Broken Road fic from a while ago :) Not sure if you remember me... my pen name used to be iadoreyooh. OH well. Anyways, I really hope you continue writing more stories like this and your other fic :) I noticed that some of your more recent stories are still incompleted, so yeah.

I love Shawn & Halley a lot. Shawn's such a sweet heart, especially to wait so long like that. It just makes me wonder though why he didn't call even after he got back and found out that she had gone to Seattle. And why did Halley have a falling out with her father at the beginning?

Please continue writing! I want to

- Alyssa
11/8/2007 c16 Mysticol
This sorta sounds like a sequel but I could be wrong...nonetheless it was a fantastic story :)
9/24/2007 c1 1krystalle101
so yeah okay chapter one is kinda how can i say this boring sorry to be so mean but it was i know i come off sounding mean
8/17/2007 c16 Diamandis
That was really REALLY good!
8/17/2007 c16 Kristina
Haha...I've only got one sentence for ya!(or maybe 2...or more...Haha ;P)

I will definitely buy ALL your books when you start becoming a published writer!

Hope you advertise when you already start selling published books. Haha. And this is definitely one of your better stories. I love this peice. It's definitely a good and heartwarming read. AND perfectly good to read to fel GOD! ;) Haha...thanks for bringing happiness to all the readers who ever read your stories! Wish you the best of luck and GREAT success when you start publishing! :D
3/6/2007 c16 Strangely Natural
Very Precious, and quite consistent, overall a general delight to read!
2/12/2007 c16 2JusticeWriter
Aw. I just love happy and cheesy endings. :)
1/3/2007 c16 ohhhgirl
what a cute story! it made me happy :)
12/26/2006 c16 7lilxseeker
wow this story is great! i really really liked it! kudos!
12/26/2006 c1 lilxseeker
wow this story seems great so far!
7/5/2006 c16 Alenor
hmm, i absolutely LOVE this story. it works out really well and i'm glad her and mark parted as friends. cya later ~ Alenor.
3/6/2006 c16 NOTPOSTING
Fantastic, I loved it! Keep writing!
1/15/2006 c16 Kiki
What a cute story you got here! OMG, Shawn is awesome, and Halley is cool too. mark's just damn hot. ;)
1/15/2006 c14 eunyoung
its kinda like 'sweet home alabama'... its so cute... *cry when mark-X-halley* ... boo~
12/5/2005 c16 2Paper.Eskimo.Boots
I love this so much! Shawn is so cool. :3 I really like how you wrote it and I don't think I really have any criticsm (is that spelled right? o.O) This is definitely one of my favorite stories on FictionPress. :3
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