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for A country Christmas

5/18/2004 c12 just the devil
Hey! wow! this is one of the best stories i have read on here! You are very talented. I love this story plot. I really have no constructive criticism for you because its all good!I am torn between Shawn and Mark although im more for shawn...idk..good luck! you must be torn yourself!
5/17/2004 c12 Ti
and how wrong she is! i KNOW she's gonna miss shawn as soon as her feet hit seattle! lolz. yep i'm psychic arnt i? lolz. please email me when you update. my addy is
5/17/2004 c11 6annchick1273
yay you updated quick! Anyways, Mark is cheating on her isn't he? ISN'T HE? heh :)
5/17/2004 c11 7Liriel87
Mark likes work to much. Pish, checking your messages on a date. . . thats sweet. not really tho. the island was cool and all but um i dont think it makes up for it. Of course if i were given the island i dont know what i would think. But shawn. . . hes a hottie. Haha update soon. (this soon of an update was awesome! Thanks for helping me procrastinate!)
5/17/2004 c10 13BellezAzul
Hey this is a worse cliff hanger! :o) Update soon, ok? I love it!
5/17/2004 c10 7Liriel87
well shimmy! they kissed. . . and mark can just go . . . go, go suck lemons for all i care! I like mr. shawn much much much better. They have to end up together, why? because its the natural course of things, they HAVE to. Please please please they have to. but i will have to wait and find out, eh! i want to see them fight. Hehe big city rich boy vs. farmy that would be awesome. ok so this was a long review i was just excited i guess. haha. Happy new years. . . oh wait. lol. Update soon!
5/17/2004 c10 zara
Great story!
5/17/2004 c10 14Midnight Demon
update soon
love it
5/16/2004 c9 Call me when you're rich
I've been reading this over and over and thought i'd reviewed but maybe i haven't, in which case sorry. update update! it's so good. I love Shawn, sigh...
5/15/2004 c9 7Liriel87
Well shimmy, it seems like long lost feelings are returning, hooray. I like the country boys! haha. And to answer your question about not getting alot of reviews i think that the end of school is really getting to people and no one is updating or reviewing cause there isnt any time. Haha even i now selectively choose which to review cause the stories are so many. Summer should pick the business up again lol. Well awesome two chapters and update soon! I love it!
5/14/2004 c9 Raven Poe
wow, thats good. i cant wait for the next update. hope it comes soon. until then :)
5/14/2004 c8 2izzy-bh
great story so far! this shawn dude sounds like a hottie =) but on a more serious note, i think you need to give the story abit of a twist, because it seems to be very monotonous...not that its a bad thing. maybe if you add in a new girl pal of shawn so halley could get jealous. something like that anyway would be good! keep up the good work and keep UPDATING!
5/11/2004 c7 14Midnight Demon
update soon
love it
4/27/2004 c7 2izzy-bh
omgomgomgomg you had better update soon! i think your story is really original and deserves heaps more credit then its getting. I'll recommend it to my friends and you'll be on my favs list. SO update soon or else :)
i'm looking forward to chapter 8,
4/24/2004 c7 17Lady of romance world88
Oh dear! So Halley love her fiance, what about Shawn who was jealous of her. So? Hurry update soon
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