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for A country Christmas

3/11/2004 c5 Ti
aw... poor halley. shawn was a jerk in the past... but has he realized that he made a mistake? maybe that's why he came back? maybe he still loves halley? maybe you should update before i go crazy asking questions?
3/11/2004 c5 SweetDreams
She still feels hurt...but it was a start. Shawn's going to have to be a bit forceful for anything to happen between them, isn't he? And her relationship with Mark makes more sense now. She had already loved and lost in a way...so she was probably only comfortable with an unemotional relationship. She'd been trying to leave her hurt behind, so it wouldn't make sense to get into a relationship where she could get hurt again.
Look forward to the next chapter.
3/11/2004 c4 Eleni
ooh! its good! shawn must appear in more chapters though! *eagerly awaits* update soon!
3/11/2004 c4 2Angelic Eden
Love it! Love it! Especially when she decided to ride Mesa in the competition. I want some more Shawn interaction, she's supposed to end up with him right? So, get to it, lol!
3/10/2004 c4 SweetDreams
This is really good. I've always wished I could have lived on a farm or ranch. Well, maybe not live because it's so much work, but I would love to experience it someday. For now, I'm experiencing it through this story :)
Can we have tons of Shawn soon? He sounds yummy :) Oh, and I don't like Mark, but I know I'm not supposed to. She's sort of blind right now, isn't she? She feels like a second priority while they're engaged, how does she expect to feel in a couple of years when the "newness" of their marraige is gone?
I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
3/10/2004 c3 13Faded Soulfire
So she runs into people she once knew... and wow. It must have been really awkward for Shawn and all.. to find out it was Halley and everything. *sighs* I can tell she's really pissed off at him, excuse my language. But, he was in the army but he came back days later after she left? to me, that sounds suspicious... but anyway, I should be going since I'm sick and supposed to be in bed *grins* but this story just called to me and I had to read. Good story! Very interesting! Please update soon!
-Faded Soulfire
3/10/2004 c2 Faded Soulfire
Wow. This is so fantastic and your writing has gotten better since your first story. I love how you write about farms/ranches/horses/etc because you know about all that stuff... and I especially love the detail in this story. I mean, not a whole lot has happened in this chapter but it's only the second, so I figure I'll be patient and see where you're taking this story. Once again, I absolutely love this story... no denying that. And I see that you don't update this much, and I'd like to say that I want you to update this more if you're capable of it. I'll promise to review.
3/9/2004 c3 Ti
heh. ya i knw how life is... anyway, i found two things that i think are wrong
1. non-chalant is spelled nonchalant
2. the town was really small AND really big?
o and she finally met shawn! (not a mistake. its sumthing i'm excited about! ;) )
anyway, update soon!
o n ur welcome for ur last review. hope u like this one as well... lolz...
3/9/2004 c1 Faded Soulfire
Hey! Thanks for reviewing "I Miss You" so far and everything.. But I'm here to read your story that you asked of me... and I must say this was great so far. So, he buys her an island? crazy guy, heh. Anyway, this is a wonderful.. And, god, she's so disappointed and I can feel that... with him not being able to meet her parents.. I feel for the girl. Anyway, I wonder what will happen to them... So I must read on further, maybe my reviews will become longer and more organized.
Faded Soulfire
3/3/2004 c2 Ti
i like i like! who's shawn? hope i find out soon... i'll check back tomorrow to see if the third chappy's up! keep emailing me and updating!
2/26/2004 c2 Eleni
hey, great story. im loving it to the max. (heh... heh... heh...) anyways, ignore my insanity and update soon!
12/27/2003 c1 JazzeeT
damn i want an island.. now that a boyfren one who gets expensive stuff for the shit that he is gonna pull...he can meet the parents in easter.. joking that my *other* side but ya.. this is different from snowflakes so far and i like it.. i like her drive no im interested to meet her family and the a guy on the ranch i presume? update soon
12/23/2003 c1 66Agony of Mind
Hey! This is really good! As are all your stories. I can't wait to find out what happens! I immediately imagined Hugh Grant as her Fiance, I don't why, maybe it's because in Two Weeks Notice (Good good movie I might add) he is also rich enough to buy an Island with his "petty" cash. lol. anywayz, hurry and update! Merry Christmas!
12/23/2003 c1 Ti
i'd love to see where this is headed! please email me when you update. my addy is
12/23/2003 c1 6Britlow
so far, this is a very good story. i definatly have to say, i'm more excited for your other story to carry on, but then again more has happened in the other one. after all this is only the first chapter.
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