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2/7/2005 c1 hpdigigal
Hello...um, when you say 'Allah' do you mean God? And who's Shoel? If you're Muslim, then you're wrong. The devil, according to Muslim beleif, was part of a race called the jinn, who, like humans, and unlike angels, have their own free will. Angels cannot sin. It's not possible. They do what Allah tells them to do without any hesitation or any rebellious thought because that is how they are made. Humans and jinn (which are not visible to humans) have their own free will and thus can do whatever. I really don't know if Allah is supossed to be God, but, if He is, then you need to get your facts straight. Visit islamiccity.com, if you like. There'll be stuff about Islam there. If Allah is not meant to be God, please, change the name into something else, because what you have written is offensive to Muslims.
4/4/2004 c2 23Immortal Muse
sorry it took me soo long to get to this. i really like it though, its well done. i still wanna bang dragon though! anyway, cant wait to read more. love ya bunches!

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