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for Life on a Richter Scale

4/3/2004 c1 34marabelle
2/21/2004 c1 47Kira of Hecale
Rhyming kinda makes me twitchy, but it's not obvious, so I like it. The second stanza is my favorite.
2/10/2004 c1 1Varaelius
1/23/2004 c1 10Meleny
Very well written,
I can tell by this you are a very
gifted writer and by the way that none
of your stories go without a review.
This is a good piece of work and I plan on reading and reviewing all of
your work as soon as time allows.
Good Job.
-Artemis S.
1/18/2004 c1 137Ria Mala
Cool. I like the earthquake theme first of all (i'm a natural disaster person, so it appeals to me right off the bat). The rhyme scheme is cool too, i like how it changes and not everything rhymes.Niceness plus.
12/29/2003 c1 warnthepenguins
Finally, a Fictionpress angst poem that can find its arse with both hands.
12/25/2003 c1 LunaCaelum
Wow, that's a great poem! Good job!
12/24/2003 c1 57Kat Cyr
Bravo. I like it...

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