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5/8/2005 c7 3Green Inkblot
Ok, wow, You definitely need more reviews for this story because it is UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME! Oh my goodness, I love this idea for a story. It's perfect. The only thing that I would suggest is that you add an epilouge, to let us know what happens next. Yet also, if you did, that might take away from the suspenseful ending, which I think works well too! So either way! GREAT JOB! I can't wait to read your other writings!
12/26/2003 c7 tensai
Why on earth did you suddenly write so many stories in one go? Grr...just joking!
12/26/2003 c8 tensai
Heehee...it looks very profound...but frankly speaking, I dont understand a thing...heehee.
12/25/2003 c8 4wheezin
why did you have to make it sad? It's good, but really sad. Is it really the end? Dang it. but that whole thing with emma having a liking towards him was a bit overdone though. Is everybody asian or something? If darcy is asian, that's cute. Too bad only two people commented on this story. I liked the elegant style in which you wrote it with. Do you read classic books, by any chance? Write some more please!
12/25/2003 c8 Rowan Waiftree
It's a shame that no one else has commented on this story. It was awesome, especially with the evident passion for music the main characters have.
12/25/2003 c8 1SweetieOFChrisL
Bravo! Encore! (haha, since your story's about playing in concerts & all that)...*crickets chirping*
OK,never mind, but truly, i luv your story. It was so sad, but it's a cliffhanger! cliffhangers make me so frustrated! i just HAVE to know what happens at the end. does she die? that's what i think, but i dunno...
it was charming & sad at the same time. i feel so bad for Darcy.
By the way, since they're all asian & all, does this story take place in asia & what time period is it?
also, definitely more ppl should review. this is one of the best stories i've ever read ^ _ ^

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