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for Trying to Be

12/29/2003 c1 23Forever Dreaming Wishing
Amazing! I love this flow, and I love how it could so be turned into a song. It has great emotion! I love the lines:I'll always be the same,
Flinching at every touch.
Their touches are like fire,
Burning on my skin,
I have no other desire,
But to be free within
pure art! Amazing! I love it! Please write more! This could so be made into a song if you are into those kind of things!
Write hard,
write long,
write untill dawn,
Forever Dreaming Wishing
12/29/2003 c1 S.J Will
bravo, nice job loved it. I could relate big time.
12/25/2003 c1 2Sheila Ibre
This would be a really cool as song. There's something about it that would make you stop, look and listen.
~F.S. (*trying not to annoy anyone with my depression*)
12/25/2003 c1 73pixie sticks
i definatley know this feeling... its all coming back... awesome poem... you've got a lot of ryming and more extended vocabulary than i usually see here... awesome wriet
12/25/2003 c1 20General Disarray
Your poem is very interesting. It captures emotions that many teenagers feel, including myself. We're all striving to be our own person, that one person that no one else can be.
If you think about the emotions caught in your poem, it's very depressing. I am a naturally quiet person. I'm good, you might say. i like never do anything bad...well sometimes. But since I am so quiet, I don't have my friends ears all the time. I'm not trying to be selfish, but I am a but jealous of people who are loud enough to be noticed all the time.
Sometimes, I just get sick of it and lash out. My friends think it's funny when I get mad. One second I'm this nice unnoticable person that is out in the dark somewhere and the next instant, I'm a screaming raging demon that tells everyone exactly how she feels. Write more, read more, Live life, and don't forget to breathe.
Grey Villager
12/25/2003 c1 28Shadowgirl
Great poem! I really like and can sympathize with "And all that I can find / Is the misery that no one sees /
And the shadows deep in me". *glances to her pen name, then gives a nod*

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