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12/16/2004 c1 30Imladros
This one's amazing! You don't even try to imitate Tolkiens elvish or hobbit poem style but find a very own way to describe one of his most fascinating monsters ( have a picture of orcs in my mind, singing it as a song while carrying Frodo to their tower... )Great job, go on like this!
6/27/2004 c1 3Prowling Muse
Spectacular poem. I believe if you were in Shelob's grasp, uh, she would probably still eat you, but make it as painless as possible.
I love the fifth stanza, as it makes me mindful of her venom[?].
2/11/2004 c1 76CoolBeans18s
I loved Shelob! She's so awesome and creepy.. Wonderful description! You really painted a vivid picture of her!
~ CoolBeans18s
1/5/2004 c1 106cosmo-queen
Great work. You portray the whole Shelob scene from ROTK very well. Shudder. That was one intense scene! Keep writing :)
1/3/2004 c1 53Lidless Eye
I loved the movie... the best movie of the year, by far, IMO. Can't wait for it to come out on DVD, I'll be watching the movie for a very long time.
You described Shelob very well... some very simple imagery was used, but it doesn't hurt to get to the point, right? =) Great work, write more!
~Lidless Eye
12/27/2003 c1 welcm2thdrkns
That was kewl! I love LOTR and Shelob was pretty cool looking! nice poem!
12/26/2003 c1 100Keep it 100
You described her so well.
~Heart of the Sword
12/26/2003 c1 57teh tarik
I'm not afraid of spiders! That was an awesome description, though I haven't watched LOTR the 3rd part yet, but I've read the book and so I think your words are pretty accurate. The part about Shelob's *dead breath* was a lil creepy, though ^_^
12/26/2003 c1 binderem
Wow! I love it. I just saw The Return of the King, too. The description's very good!
12/26/2003 c1 32Shadowz the Silver Wolf
Very good. you described her very well indeed. i like ^_^
12/26/2003 c1 3OtakuSailorV
Great! I just recently finished the 2nd book. (THe one where Shelob is actually in it) and she scared the crap out of me just reading about her. ^_^;; Great job! Ja ne!

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