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12/27/2005 c1 19my dangerous angel baby
I read more and more of the one sided love poems and kind of feel like lots of people go through the same thing. It's really comforting. Great job!
5/15/2004 c1 13Saxifrage
i love this poem! no doubts from me! its so wonderfully sad! i love it love it love it!
ps: i forgot to give you me email address when i reviewed "Crazy"

please talk to me when you have time.
psps llamas rule!
5/4/2004 c1 Omzack
It was about me! hah! I knew it XP Hm...well, of course I liked your writing. But you KNOW mine was better! ^_^;;
Why can't I ever write a serious review? I blame you for this...
Anyhow, this "feeling" seems to be going around a lot lately. You should really tell who it is you love...you could go through your entire life not knowing that person loved you too. Now wouldn't blow major ass? XD
Great poem. Way to capture the moment *flashes thumbs up*
4/26/2004 c1 8Amara Ryden
this is really good! i like all the questions that you put forth... =)
4/10/2004 c1 30a e i o u and sometimes y
I really like this one. I've had thoughts like those circle my heads many times before x_X as annoying as it is...Nice write ^^ ~Kat
2/11/2004 c1 56Celest Covax
I fear I am in love...with that poem. It all too describes how I feel.
2/2/2004 c1 3DHABUZ
one word says all abt this poem
i love this poem!
1/24/2004 c1 7ku
i'm guessing this is about the conflict between conformity and being yourself.
1/18/2004 c1 24Celtic Moon
brave ol' chap. nice, very nice. i loved how it flowed and how it's not way off from reality. keep it up.
1/17/2004 c1 Love and Destroy
It's so sweet and a little bit sad! I like it! And try your best to live your dreams, because it does pay off. Sunrise
1/2/2004 c1 sketchmedesire
deep...moving! u write realli well! i wish i had ur skills! u can realli show a lot with ur writing! its amazing! i get so hooked on it! onto my fave stories list along w/ ur other works!
12/29/2003 c1 45flowerthief
I feel the same way. You want to let them know but it would hurt so much to get rejected. Good poem.
12/28/2003 c1 2Meghan Dresner
Woah. Sometimes you come across poetry that simply takes your breath away and leaves you awe-struck. This is definately one of those poems :) I shall have to check out more of your work!
12/27/2003 c1 1AngelaRB
AWESOME poem. :) If it was set to music it could be the theme song to the story I have on the site right now. :)

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