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for Monopoly: A Remake of Julius Caesar

3/7/2004 c7 8AnonymousBoy
WooT! Who said Matt was gonna win? Hahaha! I like how you tied it in with the play. I didn't really READ the play but I kinda know what it was about. So I had a inkling that Matt would win. I kinda thought M for Matt... M for Mark... lol... And i was right! *evil laugh* Well i thought that Erin wouldn't of stepped off the platform but she did! She actually has FEELINGS! *gasp* haha. I really liked it though. Great job! Write more plays!
2/13/2004 c8 1Lauren K
whoa...all I can say is whoa. This is so deep and so GOOD! I can't believe you made such connections and invented such a remarkable story based on that! I've seen the play, and it's all totally true (what I remember). wow, that was incredibly awesome! I'm not kidding here, seriously. this is on my faves list if you didn't know that already.
2/3/2004 c8 1seafoamguitar
Thanks to everyone who read this! To help out, you could recommend this on your favorite stories or authors lists, or you could spread it around! Keep this play alive! :-) Thanks again to everyone.
2/2/2004 c8 lilwritercutie
Wow, that is all I can say. I am glad that Matt won. I liked him better than Eric, even though they were practically the same person. All of the symbolisms are incredible. Now I understand why you used names from Julius Caeser as chapter titles. I guess that is why Jude was my fave character. I seem to get attached to main characters far too easy. I get attached to them before I know that they are main characters. The last chapter was a little short, you could have extended the conversation between the players farther, but it was still great. The quotes at the begining of the chapters are perfect. You are a really great author. This is one of the best stories (or play) that I have ever read on this site. If you decide to make another play, which I hope you do, Good luck!
According to his virtue let us use him,
With all respect and rites of burial.
Within my tent his bones to-night shall lie,
Most like a soldier, order'd honourably.
So call the field to rest; and let's away,
To part the glories of this happy day.
(yes i did copy that quote from the last chapter!)
2/2/2004 c8 HoneyB
Wow o_O You certainly put a lot of thought into this play, something which I bet is fairly rare here.
I guess if I had actually read 'Julius Ceasar' I would have recognized the plot, but I had to do 'Romeo and Juliet' instead.
I'm definitely going to stick around and see what your next play is. Judging frm this, it should be awesome!
2/1/2004 c7 seafoamguitar
Okay, it's over. i hope you liked it. For those of you who don't know, there's a chapter 8! so dont forget to read it. It's basically a commentary, explaining why i chose Julius Caesar, and explains symbols, characters, etc. Stay tuned, cuz i have another play coming up that's not like this one at all. thanks for all who read this.
1/25/2004 c6 a reader
Ok good, erin is finally OUT of the picture. I think what she did was very VERY wrong and I am glad she decided to step down and give up the house. But, just like Sara, I will forgive (if you can do that for a fictional character) her.
1/25/2004 c6 HoneyB
Ouch. Okay, seriously, Erin may have deserved that, but Sara was just as much of a b* to force Erin to do that.
I wonder how the winner will be decided, as you did say 'You will not be playing Monopoly in this game ever again, so this is your last chance of winning money'. I'm thinking something like a memory test, seeing who knows the most about the house?
1/24/2004 c6 seafoamguitar
okay okay okay... chapters are coming up, and i'm sorry to keep you waiting like that, cuz that sucks... but Man, the last chapters are hard to do, cuz i'm wrapping it up, and i dont have enough creativity, and i want it to end in a bang. here's what's to look forward to...
- winner
- losers
- "cliffs notes" like summary on all the chapters including a comparisson to "Julius Caesar" and why it was used.
1/24/2004 c6 1Lauren K
one word: AH
moremoremore...honestly, I usually don't follow stories like this, but I LOVE it! I'm so mad that Sara left instead of Erin. Erin was my fave, but she isn't anymore, and I liked Sara! Oh well..more pretty please?
1/18/2004 c6 8AnonymousBoy
I was a bit skeptical about reading something titled "Monopoly" I didn't think it would be a reality show based play. I gotta say it's absolutly brilliant! I have a lot of questions too. Like, Did Jude pick up the clue that Sara actually stole the 500. In the story it didn't sem like she did. At first I liked Erin because she some how resembled the narrator. But now she's just becoming a hypocrit and a b*! Now all my money is on Matt. I really love the scene with Jude painting the portrait. Very very brilliant scene! I believe that this play also explains alot about human emotions. I can't wait until your finished! I hope Matt wins!
1/5/2004 c3 1Lauren K
Oh, I really like this! I was going to just read one chapter (because it was on a "fave" list and I wanted to check it out) but I HAD to keep reading! I should be studying though...it's really good, and I promise you that I'm not just saying that. The only thing is when Sara completely changes-I thought she'd just say that Jude was trying to get more sympathy, so that seemed weird, but otherwise, I really really like it and the idea! And putting in Julius Caesar stuff. Great!
1/1/2004 c5 HoneyB
I hated Sara. I know, evil thing for me to say, but she just seemed too pathetic and fickle (which is good, shows you made a good char. there)
Out of the three that are left, I prefer Erin. She has the potential and intelligence to win.
12/31/2003 c5 lilwritercutie
Ah! I hate Erin, I hate her! Sorry, it's just that Erin is EVIL! Lol, just keep it writing, I'm want to know what happens!
12/31/2003 c4 lilwritercutie
That isn't cool! I liked Jude the best! I dunno who's gonna win, but it will take awhile for me to get attached to another character like I did Jude. KEEP IT GOING!
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