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for Soulmates

8/30/2004 c1 49SleepDontWeep
o my dear god! u actually made me cry! u made making love so beautiful! so so beautiful! o wow... i mean its exactly the way i feel with my boyfriend only we havnt got to actually do it yet! the feeling of knowing u belong together! the closeness... the falling asleep in each others arms... just ... o wow.
u really hit something deep down inside of me! ur so extremly talented and im pist off cuz i cant add this to me faves cuz its already reached its limit! anyways u r absolutely amazing!
love ya lots!
o and please take a look at my story: thats not how it happened. much love and admiration to u!
12/28/2003 c1 Kate
o this is such a good story! very nice *mwah*

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