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for Strange Again This Year

2/6/2004 c1 24Mingjun
I did not have time to read on but I'm coming back for more. I like the tone you set for the story. Jessica sounds cool, and the sense of humor in the words is unique. Keep writing please!
1/17/2004 c2 Penny's Worth
another good story! can't wait for part 3. hehe keep writing, it brings me joy i've decided. byebye
1/9/2004 c2 1Dagnarus
That was well written and actually funny. Real life, though mundane and boring all the time, does have a few amusing possibilities, which, as you proved, rarely happen.
12/29/2003 c1 6Cyanic Blue
Myep, I'm going to do the second half about what happens when I wear jeans and a faded shirt...
I dunno when homecoming is though next year sometime I guess (meh heh heh)
If you put the story on the alert list it'll tell you, I'll let you know when I get it done.
12/29/2003 c1 12Chell-o Bodello
That's actually kind of funny, and ... I know a LOT of people like Tony cuz ... I'm one of 'um!
Yeah, where I go to school, everyone's obsessed with Inuyasha or Shaman King or some sort of anime show or manga.
Eh ... is that the end of your story or ... is there more.
PLEASE SaY THERE'S MORE! It sounds interesting ... Anyway, if there IS more ... UPDATE SOON PLEASE!
~ Lunch

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