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for Thar be Curse Words!

3/6/2004 c1 30g21lto
My parents always pulled the "people who use cuss words are showing how dumb they are because they can't think of another word to say instead" line on me when I was little. Seriously, though, cuss words are *words*. And often they are the *only* word in the language that will express exactly the emotion/point that you want to express. Sorry, I am in love with the English language after my English/Literature classes. And if the right word to use to convey your point is a cuss word, then USE IT! That's the point of writing/talking - getting your point across. Communicating.
2/14/2004 c1 anon63
Lol, though generally i've found that "fuck" is less acceptable than "damn", i agree... whats the big deal? They are just words.. they don't hurt you... I'm a writer.. i shouldnt be scared of words... words should be scared of me...
1/29/2004 c1 41Crimany
Hey, finally something I can relate to! I am a little worried though, because I use "damn" a lot, but I would never say...well I would never say the f-word. But hey, I'm mentally insane. Oh and thanks for the review on my crappy story, means a lot!
1/22/2004 c1 14Ann Gry
That was splendid :D It would do well to be read by the masses, but whoever would publish you would have to censor out everything, ey. I agree with you about the silly little words. It just reminds me of one of my crappy little stories where this girl is shunned by her family because her name has 5 letters instead of 4... yeahh...
1/1/2004 c1 7CrazyEMOkid
The subject matter in this was so... um... Unconventional, but you have real talent. You wrote it as if you were simply having a conversation with one of your friends over lunch, and I like that. The whole thing was hilarious. The sarcasm you infuse into the piece was perfect, and didn't come off as arrogant (at least not in most of it) Keep writing. This was great.
PS: Yeah, the whole three letter g-o-d thing does offend us. Watch out.
12/31/2003 c1 4Moineau
And you, my dear, are a bit mislead.
"I can't believe that Christians and the other Bible-Nazis out there still think that these words are so horrible."
We do? Oh dear. I guess I'm a bit behind on the times.
Actually, I highly disagree with your insistance that 'damn' is the worst word you could possibly use. Damn is actually a curse word with a touch more class than the others.
If you are looking to improve your writing (which I almost doubt 'cause this appears to be merely a senseless rant) you may want to look into writing a proper five paragraph essay. You know... intro including a thesis and your points, paragraphs following which include your backup to your points, concluding paragraph. It would, at least, make your essays more readable.

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