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for The Night's Symphony

12/23/2004 c30 Hail the Warrior
*applauds* Great finale, perhaps an encore?

You're welcome, wow, I just realized I have followed this from the start.

12/19/2004 c30 243Manuel Fajar
Wonderful synthesis of words and images. m
12/19/2004 c30 612simpleplan13
aw your welcome.. I liek this poem... especially the ending.. and the middle... and the beginning lol.. i just love it all
11/26/2004 c29 simpleplan13
nice job... I like it.. very pretty
11/26/2004 c29 243Manuel Fajar
Soft, sweet dreams. Seems eons gone. mp.s.Also—Silent cocoon envelops,p.p.s. If you're using a mac try using Mozilla's Firefox web browser. It's compatible with FP's new editor and will ease your formatting. m
11/26/2004 c2 Manuel Fajar
Missed the Leonid meteor shower due to storm clouds here in Texas; your haiku reminds me of a meteor shower seen from Mt. Rainier many years ago. Nicely done. m
11/2/2004 c22 191nine iron
This is it, review 200 I am lead to belive. Ballons, cake and all sorts of other party paraphanalia for you to enjoy.
This is one of my favorites, is all I could ask for in a work, I will print it out and pin it on my notice board!
Nine Iron
11/2/2004 c13 nine iron
I really like the jewels thing, the whole work and every other is beautiful and fantastic to read
11/2/2004 c28 nine iron
I am impressed at the lenght, very well written to do that!
Jelous Nine Iron
11/2/2004 c27 nine iron
I think I will run out of works before I hit the 200, Still they come, talent seeping through gaps as the words are filled to busrt.
11/2/2004 c26 nine iron
Beautiful, such a clear picture and experience grows. I have enjoyed every work here almost, please continue to write, I will read as will many more
Nine Iron.
11/2/2004 c25 nine iron
Guesses? Erm well I do not know?
11/2/2004 c24 nine iron
It is good your work has such maturity without being that in its content. I wish to be encircled in your haiku, they overwhelme and enslave senses to bring ecstacy to the mind.
11/2/2004 c23 nine iron
This also echos one of my works, it is very interesting to see how two writers react to the same subject, my poem was "A novel finished"
Nine Iron
11/2/2004 c21 nine iron
Sweet, like my recent poem "I am in love with the book that I hold every night", sometimes I have a thing for long titles
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