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for Happiness in my Cheese Danish

2/1/2004 c1 ylem
It's kind of ironic that you thought this up while eating something produced by a corporation. But I liked it. You have talent. The way you write makes it seem easy, simple...Go you.
1/21/2004 c1 Charity
Interesting. Very funny, in an odd sort of way. I like it though. IT's incredibaly creative.
1/1/2004 c1 yomama cakes
This piece is fantastic. You're writing style is amazing. It includes all of the details that we need to know and some that we don't. The latter ones even add to the story. I hope you keep up that attitude and continue writing more things like this.
1/1/2004 c1 blakattak
When Democritus first identified the atom as the miniscule building blocks of all things, he was also largely ignored, and the idea of atoms, not brought up again until several centuries later. I think that the "little things" that we currently ignore is a long symptom of human existence.
12/31/2003 c1 28Diana Shore
I agree whole-heartedly! My stopping moments have more and more to do these days with my 3 yr old. The other day we were in the front yard and he just plops on his back and says "MOM! Look at the clouds! It's fun!" Before he got all the words out of his mouth my 1 1/2 yr old joined him and I quickly followed suit. He was right. It WAS fun - especially the stares we got from the neighbors!
12/31/2003 c1 Kekadu the Goddess of Chaos
This deserves applause. ^.^
I'm running late for my new year's get together...but I couldn't stop reading it. Heh.
Very nice. Very nice! Hope you keep on writing.

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