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for Broken Morning

1/28/2007 c1 37TalkingMime
I like how yo used the metaphor of night and day convey the poem's message. And it's so true; a couple of people came to mind when I read this.
3/23/2004 c1 6The simplest sign of life
Lovely! The last two lines are particularly special- they sum up the whole poem perfectly. Well done!
2/11/2004 c1 Melissa Lea Night
i like this 'cause your speaking the truth. people sometimes can't see things beyond their own eyes 'cause they're so caught up in the negative. this one is brilliant.
1/3/2004 c1 Sidereal
Ack! Must catch up with reviewing!
I know exactly what you mean by the 'black and white' people - those who cannot see shades of grey. There are a lot of them around...
This style of poetry works well. Good!
1/3/2004 c1 44Simon James
True, true, i know a couple of peple like that, and have felt that way before now.
i like 'these are black aand white people' - gives to me the image that they see things in only those ways - don't look for the 'shades of grey' in between that are usually there, issues are never just b lack and white.
Nice one, keep writing

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