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5/26/2011 c27 AvalonOrchid
Lovely. Found it very amusing, put a big smile on my face.
2/9/2011 c25 102Terra Fire
I love it! I haven't been to this site in so long, and I'm glad that you're still writing Haiku poems. This is a great idea, using pen names as inspiration! The possibilities are endless. :-)

2/7/2011 c22 8Adrenalin
J'aime beaucoup les haikus mais je les trouve affreusement difficile à reviewer - probablement parce qu'ils sont si courts.

Pour celui-ci, je pense qu'il ne correspond pas exactement à la définition d'un haiku traditionnel. Il ne décrit pas quelque chose de tangible et on y ressent une présence forte du narrateur, ce qui n'est jamais le cas normalement. Après, cela ne me dérange pas vraiment, et j'aime la façon dont tu es parvenue à exprimer autant de choses en si peu de mots.

Je ne suis pas aussi convaincue par la répétition, par contre. Je sais que c'est en rapport avec le pen name choisi, mais je trouve un peu dommage d'utiliser un effet de style de ce genre dans un poème de 17 vers.

Très agréable à lire cependant.
1/15/2011 c25 t-y-f-m
Do continue. :)
1/1/2011 c25 164outruntheavalanche
I love this! thanks :D
12/11/2010 c25 this wild abyss
I thought this was very gorgeous, more so because of it's simplicity. The image of clouds in a person's eyes is unique, and you pulled it off wonderfully. I also enjoyed your use of dialoge at the end, because it made the reader feel more grounded into the scene, so to speak.
7/11/2010 c23 145young and the reckless
"we make our own rainbows" - yes :)
7/11/2010 c12 young and the reckless
just amazing.
7/11/2010 c4 young and the reckless
i must say i love "sandstorms on your wings" - beautiful.

also: i love this collection. i too have an obsession with pen names on here. (and now i swear i'm not advertising) but if you'd like to read another collection of pennames... "this could have been about you"

i'm glad i'm not the only one with this guilty pleasure :)
4/30/2010 c23 13playing in gasoline
this makes me smile.
4/30/2010 c15 playing in gasoline
"fake you. cosmic you." and then "sink me down the drain."

Perfect. Standing ovation; beautiful!

4/30/2010 c3 playing in gasoline
"political maze" -I like that. Says it all, really.
4/30/2010 c19 playing in gasoline
As you recommended, I skipped straight to chapter 19. ;) although I intend to read the rest after a moment.

It is lovely. I get this wonderful image of a girl biting into this mysterious fruit (an apple, I'm assuming, as in many mythology) and cringing at the sour of the taste.

The pen name is also wonderfully beautiful, if I may add.
3/5/2010 c19 23thinking.about.thinking
I think this has got to be one of my favorites. I love Greek mythology, and this is an awestriking portrayal of the tale of Persephone.

3/5/2010 c18 thinking.about.thinking
Um, this one is formatted weirdly, so that it's just a line...I'm guessing that's a mistake? Otherwise, I love this one, and it perfectly describes my friend's situation.

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