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1/17/2021 c1 Guest
Needs work.
2/24/2020 c5 zagato
saving this story
5/28/2014 c6 E
That seems pretty ridiculous actually. 6 months away from graduating, thousands upon thousands of dollars spent and Maggie just drops out? She couldn't wait an extra few months?
1/27/2014 c25 jerrellsgirl112606
I loved this story it was wonderfull.
8/21/2013 c2 1macy8
i love this story so far
7/27/2013 c25 2DiAnna44
Awwww...I loved it! Great job! :)
7/27/2013 c23 DiAnna44
OHHHHHH...Well THAT explains it...but ew ew ew...just no...ehh, still a bitch she is. Loved the chapter! ;)
7/27/2013 c20 DiAnna44
I think that I want to go and hug my mother right now and tell her how amazing she is for not being a self-concieted moronic bitch...but then again it's one thirty in the morning, so she'd probably get very upset if I randomly walked into her room and hugged her...well great chapter! 3 :)
7/27/2013 c16 DiAnna44
Damn. Fuck her. Fuck the mom. Man, I would freaking punch her. Geez...she's really an idiot, isn't she. And the whole incest thing? She married A GUY WHO'S LIKE THIRTY YEARS YOUNGER THAN HER. Ugh...sorry, but this story is just so good it's getting me sucked in..:) Great chapter...even if the mom's a complete moronic bitch...
7/27/2013 c15 DiAnna44
That argument...was fucking brilliant. I loved it. I loved this chapter. Well done. ;)
7/25/2013 c12 Awaiting Midnight
Her mom is crazy! I can relate... lol!
7/25/2013 c9 Awaiting Midnight
That's disgusting! I feel bad for Kat!
7/11/2013 c25 4Theta23
So I read this story just now, whilst I was also having a really horrible breakdown and it just...I can't describe it. It gave me hope, if that makes sense? Anyway. Thank you.
11/13/2012 c25 DA-chen1
I really love the end!
Sometimes I thought that she will kill herself in the end.. scary ;-)
11/12/2012 c20 DA-chen1
Sorry for my last feedback! I wanted to say, I really love your story and characters! ;-)
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