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9/30/2018 c1 Mukta Gadgil
Such a cute little one shot ️
12/19/2014 c1 18P037
Lalalalala... Wow. :)))))))))))))
12/25/2013 c1 silentvoiceshout
4/15/2010 c1 tamii
Aw :) so cute. I love stories that have a happy ending. I like Linden - and I'm glad she is Asian (there isn't enough stories with other races on here!)
4/15/2010 c1 10balloonfista
oh, so cute ;)

8/2/2009 c1 5kissmesober
Naw cute cute cute.

I'm really not sure what else I can say about this! It's totally adorable!

5/1/2008 c1 4britty-tt
This story was great, very creative!
3/26/2008 c1 10AfterPartyFiasco
Adorable! :p
3/22/2008 c1 9StoryPictures
I'm grinning sucha cheesy grin right now I really don't know what to say but ...aw... =D
12/7/2007 c1 xPink Blossomsx
haha love it!
11/22/2007 c1 emerald
Aww. Just aww.
11/12/2007 c1 HaPpYGuRl
It was CuTe!:)
8/23/2007 c1 Paradigm08
Really cute. :) I enjoyed it a lot.
7/28/2007 c1 12Bonjour Skitty
Oh my gosh.. this has to be the best romantic one-shot I've ever read. It's cute and the characters are so realistic. I love how you tied those two together so quickly and so wonderfully. Ahh. Lovely.

From this life into the next..

~ Much love, Bleached Roses
3/20/2007 c1 2xxxstarlightxxx
aww...thats so sweet..


but allergies suck, you know...

tennis is cool...I used to play..until I found field hockey..

haha..common asian last name...soo true...except mine..

people usually start asking me if I really am asian...

great writer you...
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